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Found 10 results

  1. Hello All, This is my first post on the site so please bear with me while I work my way through this. I went to a farm auction last weekend to see if i could get my hands on a solid fuel forge. The forge below is what i snagged. This post will be fairly picture heavy so I resized the pictures, but i'm unsure if I got them small enough. 14" firepot, 31.25" across. No identifying features were easily visible. I'm looking for practical advice on how to begin using this forge (really any information possible). I'm not sure what to call the ring that the tuyere would attach to, but i believe it goes with the forge unlike the complex tuyere pictured. Should i use that ring and fabricate a clinker breaker like i believe goes in the indentions in the firepot or should use the sacrificial and very experimental t-type tuyere made of oilfield pipe and broken farm implement disc? Clay or no clay in the firepot?
  2. Hello again everyone! I've been learning a lot from these forums and everyone has been great so far. I think I'm ready to attempt making my first forge. Its not exactly what I want but I live in city limits and hope to move in the relatively near future so u opted to build convenient over desire. I've read must be 2 dozen threads on here alone but still feel I'm just grasping at the concepts so consider this a wide open invitation for constructive criticism as I wont he starting construction until i see some green lights from you guys. So heres the plan: I think the JABOD is the best foundation for me right now as good red clay is abundant for me to work with. I've got a 4 inch deep, 24 inch diameter galvanized steel pan I plan to line with that clay about 2 inches thick and sloping down into the tuyere. The tuyere will be a 1.5 inch hole drilled out of the bottom into a likewise diameter steel pipe that T sections off for the airflow to come in from the side and the debris to fall straight down. I've seen a lot of folks mention kitty litter instead of clay but is one better than the other or is it just availability? I'm not 100% sure i used the correct terms anand please forgive spelling errors as this was typed on my phone. I look forward to hearing from you! PS. I finally updated my profile to include location! Link to a tub that is close to the one I'm looking at. 16.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 inches and holds 3 gallons
  3. Hey guys first time posting but I’ve been reading up for some time. This site and the people on here are awesome. I need some help. Can anyone ID this forge? Is it a forge? haha. Besides a blower, what do I need to get this thing operating? I’m brand new at all this and I’m itching to get started. No cracks in the pan the legs are rotted out so will probably need to dream up a way to fix that as well thanks for your time
  4. So I'm taking a pipe fitting class, and for final projects we can make a personal project, so I decided to make a coal forge. But we need a blueprint to build it off of. So I was wondering if anyone has blueprints for a small(ish) coal forge, just something that can do knives and other small projects. It would be preferable to have welded construction, other wise just the usual accommodations for a blower, ash dump, etc.
  5. This is the forge I'm building now just wanted to share while I wait for the blower. Can you all share your diy forges also?
  6. Hi all, New blacksmith here again. So, I've been working on my brake drum forge now for about..probably two months. Still a newb but I'm learning. The brake drum forge that I built works fine for heating steel but it's burning my coal faster than I think it needs to. What I'm considering, is using some fire cement around the inside and shaping it so that it slopes from the rim to the center where the air blows in. What I'm really wanting to know is if this will help to more efficiently burn my coal and if the fire cement is a viable option for what I'm trying to achieve. I'll attach a picture of my forge also....aaaand it uploaded sideways again for some reason.
  7. Rob_H


    From the album: Backyard forge

    This pic shows forge better, it is powered by a large hand crank blower.
  8. Well, this is the finished product of my first solid fuel forge. Here are a few pics and am looking for constructive criticism as I am still learning. It seems to work great and I can heat steel very quickly when it's hot. Want to upgrade to a real forge blower, but can't afford yet.
  9. I have a question for all of you experienced blacksmiths, my brother has been experimenting with forging using a firepit and bricks as a makeshift forge. He asked me if i would like to come out and help make a knife with him out of a railroad spike. Long story short i got hooked on blacksmithing. Anyway's we have recently required a nice metal tank and were thinking about making it into a better forge than the fire pit that we have been working out of. We are thinking of cutting the top half of the tank off and using the bottom half as our new forge. My question is to prevent the coal from heating through the metal at its high temps, would lining the sides using wood ash as a refractory be sufficient enough to run a safe forge to make knives in? Or do i need to coat it in something else or nothing at all? Hope that makes sense and thanks!
  10. I have a medieval style forge it’s very similar to Mr. Habermann’s forge in this video (below) . I have used fire brick for the last several years, but the brick around the tuyere or the whole where my air comes out always breaks or cracks after a few weeks. I have great fire control but still it burns out, I decided to use a fire clay mixture, is this a good idea? or is there something better out there that I have been missing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKLSSnm-inA
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