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  1. That is really cool Das! I will make one for dedicated radius bends for sure!

    I made the sliding angle iron style one for bending various thickness of steel a couple years ago using

    bender dies from a Grizzly Bender. Works great! I bought the roll dies cheaper than my brother could have bought the stock and machined them for me! 

    I didn't have a picture handy of the set up but here is a sketch and part numbers and prices:





  2. I just love your Mantis's or Manti' Aus! I better not show the wife or I'll be trying to make one!

    1 hour ago, jlpservicesinc said:

    Not sure how anybody else feels about it, but I have seen fires in a tight area from forging/forge welding.. 

    I have contemplated the solar and battery storage in the trailer but decided against it because of having the batteries inside the trailer and the hydrogen vapors as well as a rogue hot ember/metal getting away without noticing.. 

    I suppose if I wanted to buy a couple of those dry matt batteries which are vent less and can be turned any direction is wouldn't be much of a problem hydrogen vapor problem..

    We used a boat battery box mounted to the trailer tongue. No problems that way!



  3. 58er' That is some cool artistry! You've got some patience buddy!

    Well the wife wanted me to continue on the garden Snake theme..... So I decided to up the game and try a rasp Snake. Good use for a worn Farrier's rasp. The darn thing wanted to twist constantly while hammering it in the swage block.

    Turned out OK for the first try though. 

    I have a real cool idea for my next Snake project. Starting tomorrow.....






  4. First test of the new forge and Wow!! I can't believe how great it draws... I set some lump charcoal in it with a small wad of paper and it took off

    like a F-111 in full after burner. And that was without using the blower! My buddy and I forged for 4 hours Sunday and I've never had a better

    fire to work with. We hardly had to use the blower, only when we needed the extra heat.  hat  36" tapered cone and 16" diameter stack must work like a super vortex.

    Very happy with this project. Now on to the surface grinder/belt grinder project...

    Video here

  5. On 3/17/2018 at 1:02 PM, JHCC said:

    On the way back from picking up my daughter for her spring break, I stopped at the Amish blacksmith supply and got a farrier’s rasp off the Sale table and a sack of blacksmithing coal. I haven’t forged with bituminous in years, so we’ll see how this goes. 

    (Also stopped at TSC for a couple of sacks of rice coal, just to be on the safe side.) 

    Once you go bituminous , you never go back! LoL!

  6. I scored another load of new hammer bits. Stopped in at my local industrial surplus place and found these babies.

    48" long, 3/4" shafts new old stock. I got them pretty cheap. My spring time stock of new chisels and punches!

    Probably summer, fall and winter for the next two years...... Stop in and get some JHCC!



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