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  1. What do you guys think about this one? Anvil M&H Armitage - $450 marked 1-0-0 Craigslist link removed
  2. My Third Knife

    Looking good to me!
  3. New (to me) rthibeau hammers!

    Just wanted to say, I bought these two hammers off of Richard. The workmanship on the 2.5lb diagonal hammer is fantastic. Can't wait to start hitting some steel with them. Gonna get a full set from him next. Thanks a bunch Richard!
  4. Any advice....

    Get a race car.... you have a lot of parts left over after you break them..... springs, axels, control arms, shock mounts ect As for searching around, i have found a few items in alleys so far. And I am making friends with a local 4x4 shop as well to see what I cna snag from their takeoff bins. Lots of springs/axels at car shops.
  5. Anvil ID (Craigslist ad)

    Ya the prices in my area are crazy. most 150lb peter wrights are going for 700-900 dollars. found some NC 100 lbs anvils for like 400 as well
  6. Anvil ID (Craigslist ad)

    Thanks, I contacted them. If they get back to me I am going to go pick it up. Its in such great shape, can't pass up on it.
  7. Anvil ID (Craigslist ad)

    I should rephrase, 21" from the tip of the horn to the opposite side of the face.
  8. Hey Guys, Just saw this anvil pop up, but the guy posted almost no info. Any ideas before I go take a look? 21" face, 11" high... i think thats the Vulcan logo. But the only other marking seems to be "10" craigslist link removed Thanks,
  9. Which commercial forge would you go with?

    Hey Frosty, Thanks I went with Ebay user parkerpickensataol forge. Chamber size is 9” long 4” wide and 4 1/2” tall, single burner. Entire chamber is lined with 2” thick ceramic fiber insulation which has been rigidized, then coated and sealed with refractory cement. Can't wait to get it and get up and forging. Thanks for all the advice!
  10. Which commercial forge would you go with?

    Hey Lou, Thanks! Yep thats part of my thinking as well. The commercial ones do seem to be have the ability to change burners. Most ship with the burners not in place and use set screws on the burner shafts to set the height of them. Also that leads me to ... if/when down the road I do build a forge, if the burners are working great I already have them and can take them off the commercial forge body and put them to use on something I make tailored to myself.
  11. Which commercial forge would you go with?

    Hey Gold, Yep I am taking classes at the Crucible next month, 16 hours of general blacksmithing over two days and I am on the wait list for the next bladesmithing class. I also signed up for our www.calsmith.org/ association Sage advice. I will finish roughly setting up my garage "shop" before than so I can practice anything I learn there. Also the calsmith guys I have already been in contact with have a line on a nice sized anvil for me that i should be picking up next weekend. Awesome guys and super helpful. Nice to see a fellow Californian floating around
  12. Which commercial forge would you go with?

    That is one thing I worry about so ease of replacing the lining is important. The blacksmith who makes the round single burner forge on ebay that I listed above, who has been mentioned on the forum before, his is easy to replace and thats the way I was leaning last night before posting. The Majestic/DF type square forges do not look to be all that easy to replace the lining. On the other hand I will not be forge welding some time while I am working through more basic knives. The ability to grow is nice, the ability to run 1 - 3 burners at a time would be nice. On the other point of building a forge, after researching the site for the last two months, I have come to the honest conclusion that for a someone newer who is building their forge they run into a lot of problems with the setup, they run into problems with assembly, and they are not forging ... they are tinkering with their forges trying to get it up and running in a stable fashion. Then they get it up and running and are not happy with it so they build another one. Having not worked with gas before I would rather have something on hand that A) can work reasonably well out of the box even if its inefficient 2) get me hammering metal as quick as possible. With those two I can then understand what I like and do not like when I build a forge that suits me down the road. I love this site and love the amount of knowledge here. My grandpa, who was a farrier for a long time for the middle third of his life, was blown away by this site. Wish I would have snagged his tools when I was younger
  13. So a question, as I have been researching for a while on this, is if you had a choice of any of the commercial forge manufacturers who would you go with? The requirements for the forge would be: 1. Bladesmithing focused 2. Forging and Welding 3. Blades between 4" and 36" 4. Sub $800.00 USD 5. Venturi based atmospheric, no blower 6. Not homebuilt I have looked into Chili, Atlas, Majestic, Devil Forge, NC Tools and the ebay. The ideas I have kicked around so far are the Majestic and Devil 2/3 burners, but relining them to suit my needs ( I am conscientious of hot spots, so would work the metal back and forth..take a bit more attention but not tobad) , and using firebrick at the openings if need to retain heat. Gas consumption is not "too" much of a concern as this is a hobby, not a business. I will be looking into larger than 25# propane systems as well. I was 3 seconds from placing my order tonight but I keep going around in circles on this. I want to be beating metal soon, instead of just grinding stock. If you had to do it with the above requirements what would you go with? Sorry for the random first post, I have been chatting with all the chat guys for a couple weeks now