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  1. Hey guys I'm back! ive been thinking about purchasing the plans for CS style power hammer. My question-- what would you guys say the difficulty level on building this is. I've got 5 years of fab work under my belt in the ag business. But at the same time I don't want to get in over my head. Also. How much of the parts are readily available? Or is there a lot of machine work that would have the be done. Thanks in advance! Also I finally broke down and bought some 1090 to forge some blades as I just recently got commissioned for 12 blades for a wedding party! Here's my 3rd knife I just finished in trade for some coil springs. Unfortunately everyone I know wants knives when in reality I want to make furniture. Gotta pay for new equipment somehow though I suppose
  2. I bet it definitely got people talking!
  3. Clever! Would've liked to been around for the bidding war. I'm really wanting to start making my own hammers so i forsee it being useful. Then again a power hammer or forging press are pretty high on the list too :/
  4. Valid point for sure. Buuuut, at a fair price I'm sure I could resell in the future if indeed it does become a door stop. I figured about 3# a pound wasn't to far off from being a good price. I don't think it's a GREAT price so I'll probably pass. Maybe I'll find something better at the BAM conference in may. Being patient definitely pays off. I learned that after I bought my first anvil. Then my second at a much much better price
  5. Looking at buying this swage. He's asking 500$ and it weighs 150# looks to be in good shape. What do you guys think? I've already bought a couple anvils and have that part figured out. This would be my first swage. Thanks, SC
  6. its 170 pounds. or at least thats whats stamped in the foot. id say its about right i haven't weighed it though. seriel number is 49,000 something.
  7. hey guys, just picked this anvil up in Mexico, Mo. paid 2$ a pound i was wondering how thick the steel plate on top is? i can obviously see the line, but just wanted to make sure it wasn't a trick to make the tool steel plate look thicker than it really is. if that makes sense?
  8. sometimes i feel like i picked the wrong time to finally start smithing, ive heard the shows are pretty terrible but havent watched it for myself. thanks guys i appreciate it. I emailed LG to see if he has a rebuilt one for sale. and ill definitely check out the video.
  9. okay, well im serious about buying a hammer, but like you said i dont see myself paying that much for one that im gonna have to put another 1500$ into one. what would be a couple of brands i could look into for a new unit? ive found a blu 65 and an anyang 33. but like we've all noticed i dont know much about them. ive met this guy before he has a whole storage building full of iron working stuff, huge anvils and whatnot, but he absolutely does not negotiate on prices. so i think ill just save my gas money and put it towards a new one.
  10. I am totally new to even thinking about a power hammer. I honestly have no clue what to look for. so any information is great. im fairly mechanically inclined so once i get there im sure i can figure it out. only catch is its 4 hours away. does 3100$ seem to be a fair price? the "shop" is mine for my house, basically for me to play around with the forge, and park my trucks during bad weather haha. in the 10 year plan id like to be forging all the time. we will see.
  11. Okay guys, I've been looking for a power hammer for a while now for my new shop. I really like the LG for no other reason (lack of experience) than the fact that I can order parts for it, and they just look awesome. Anyway. I found a guy that has 4 25#ers and one 50# he wants 3100$ for the 25# and 2500$ for the 50#. Now I understand a picture only helps so much but since I don't know anyone who knows what to look for I thought I'd ask you guys if you can spot anything that is a "no go" before I jump in and buy something. Also sorry for the pictures. They are what he sent me. I appreciate any information I'm reading all I possibly can in the mean time. Thanks, sam
  12. Holy cow, glad I had the stuff to build my own. I'm to cheap for theirs lol. I'm gonna start off with a set of butcher dies. This is probably a terrible idea, but I'm going to ask any way. Has anyone ever set up a die to do punching or slitting? I have a hard time holding stock, setting the punch, and swinging a hammer all at the same time....and being accurate. I don't know if it's even possible, but I might have To try it anyway haha. Thanks, sam
  13. I plan on using 1/2" dies. I'll mostly if not always be using it on cold rolled? I think? Mild steel. I guess what I was wanting to know is if I made dies out of 1/2" plate would they fail immediately. Sounds like I might get to play a bit before I have to re-dress them. I'm trying to wait till my good buddy (plant manager at a machine shop) hooks me up with something more suitable to make dies from in exchange for some cold brews.
  14. Hello, so I built a smithing magician the other day. Seen, one and decided to make my own. I'm going to be attempting some door pulls and I'm going to use it to help make the tenon. I still have to make the dies. I was wondering if I could just use regular mild steel for this. Or if it has to be something else. I'd expect to have to rebuild them occasionally but have a ton of 1/2" plate laying around. Everything is cut by hand so excuse the squiggles haha. -Sam