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  1. I want this in my backyard, nice work!
  2. Looks pretty sweet! I've thought about making a sand stand, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Nice work!
  3. That's Rashelle, I'm apprenticing under her and can't wait to see the episode!
  4. Awesome, thanks for looking it up for me!
  5. Thanks Frosty! I haven't had a chance test it yet, but I'll be doing that soon. I definitely plan on making something for my parents!
  6. I recently had a call from my dad who told me he found my grandfathers old farm anvil and I should come get it. I was extremely surprised when I finally picked it up, that my dads been hiding on old Trenton anvil! Now, not only do I have my first "real" anvil, but it's a family anvil and a Trenton on top of that. There is a little bit of edge damage and apparently someone decided to cut something on the face and it caused a bit of damage. Nothing I can't work around though. Judging from the markings it's 142 lbs and the serial # is 129260, if anyone with the AIA book could give me the age on it I would appreciate it greatly.
  7. I have the privilege of apprenticing under Rashelle a local blacksmith/instructor with Trackers Earth. During our forge day on May 12 she wanted to teach us how to forge weld a traditional belt axe head by forge welding a section of 1080 into the folded flat stock of mild steel. I'm excited about the options that the knowledge of forge welding is going to open up for me and hopefully this first project turns out. By the end of the day we had our axe heads shaped and annealing. This coming Thursday we'll start the grinding and clean up process and hopefully get them pretty close to finished. I'll keep the post updated with shots of the work in progress. Thanks a ton to Rashelle for all the knowledge she has been willing to share with me!
  8. Yes, my wife was definitely very interested in the chef knife, and I think it's a beauty as well! Luckily Rashelle wants to keep getting some practice making them so I get to make one along side her. We completed the tongs and hammers needed today and can't wait to start on the blade. Thanks for laying the ground work with my wife for letting her know the need for a fancy grinder! I think if I keep making her knives I'll be able to get one sooner rather then later. ;-)
  9. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I think I definitely have a bit more to consider before I just jump on some of the first anvils I find. I might make a phone call to find out more about these two, but unless everything checks out I'll probably keep using my rail anvil for now. Thanks a ton!
  10. Hello all, I'm looking at moving away from my railroad track section anvil I have been using and purchasing my first actual anvil. I have found 2 in my area that I am considering, but I would love to get some insight on what people thought of the 2 I am looking at. One is a 100# Vulcan anvil ($450) and the other just says it's a 100# English blacksmith anvil ($650). Link removed due to no third party or off site sales policy Any info is greatly appreciated!