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  1. Grant sign

    Grant, if you are using a"cursive" style, try starting with some soft wire. Write your name on a big sheet of paper, and bend the wire to wire to match. That should show you how to do it with heavier material. Al
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Good job, Just Another Biker. Way better than my first forging. Enjoy the journey. Al
  3. The basics.

    Just think about all the basics that have been listed here, and many of them are found in a simple "J " hook. If you start with 3/8" round, have the student forge it square, hammer and stock control. Taper it, flat, or square or square, octagonal, round. Freehand a small rat tail. Bend hook around horn. Cut off. Half face blows for boss. Punch a hole. Twist. Now they have a first day project to be taken home, and used the rest of their lives. Al
  4. Can You Please Evaluate My Tong Design

    My first thought is that by the time you have the work positioned in the tongs and everything locked in place, you won't have enough heat left to get much work done. I would think a simple chain hold down would be much faster and versatile. Al
  5. Nice vise, good repair, should hold up to anything you will ever do in it. I like both of the stands pictured, and also your anvil bases. Al
  6. Very Nice. Very Clean. Thanks for the pic. Al
  7. Athens Forge 2017

    The Athens Forge a member of the AFC will meet Sat. Sept. 23 at 10 AM. This meeting will focus on materials for knife handles and their decoration. There will be an Iron In The Hat. A special item, a completed knife by Calvin Garland, will be a separate drawing. There will be open forge time for AFC members. Altho this years meeting have been dedicated to knife making, we are a general blacksmithing group and plans are in the works for next years meetings, so bring your ideas and suggestions. Visitors are always welcome, for more info. see www.athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB
  8. Digit-al card holder

    Very,Very Nice! Al
  9. Give Brandon a piece of modeling clay, he can work out the steps of what he wants to make, before he does it on the anvil, and dress anyway he wants. And MastaStan, remember, patience, patience, patience. Al
  10. A collection of improvised anvils

    Thanks for taking the time to post all these Charles. I hope EVERYBODY takes the time to go thru them. A lot of nice, and necessary work, can/has/will be done on non traditional anvils. Al
  11. Project donation I made for a fundraiser

    Mark, beautiful piece of work. Seems we always do our best, for a gift. Al
  12. Hi Stich, yes, fill your column with sand. It really helped the hammer I built almost 10 years ago. I use it almost every day. Al
  13. How am I doing on these tongs

    Always remember that the insides of your boss's, need to be flat and smooth. The two need to fit together and work smoothly following riveting. This is true for any style or size of tong. Al
  14. Tool needed

    Here's a "leaf" punch I made about 20 years ago. Cut the veins with a chisel, ground it to shape on a belt sander. Made from an old 3/8" allen wrench. Leaf measures about 1/4" square. I've used it on brass, copper, aluminum, cold mild steel.
  15. Tool needed

    GMoore a simple punch can be made from anything, see picture