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  1. The team got together again yesterday to work on a display stand for the project. The plan is it will pivot between 2 points, so it can be spun and examined from all sides. It will be done by the AFC Conf. While planning I was shown a book, "The ABC'c of Blacksmithing", republished by Blue Moon Press. And look what we found!!! Don't know how many hours I spent looking for this picture when the project was in the planning stage. This is a real good book with a lot of information in it.
  2. PVF Al

    Samuel Yellin Film

    JHCC, We are still waiting on SI to give us a price and timeline, but have told them we want to do it. We have repeatedly emailed those we have been in contact with and the last several have not been replied to. The last time we emailed was 7/24. Don't know if more people contacting them would help, or hurt. Whats everybody think? We haven't forgot or given up yet. Al
  3. PVF Al

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ranchmanben, Nice Shop! But I have to ask, where's the chimney for the coal forge? Or is it a "down draft", if so we need LOT'S more pictures. Al
  4. Feature demonstrators for the conference will be Terry Sheridan from Canada, and Justin Brown from AL. The Kuhn Ring Challenge project from Athens Forge will be on display. For more info. and registration form go to www.alaforge.org Al
  5. PVF Al

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Gaswizard, I really like the work, AND your drawing program. It would be much easier to remember things from one job till the next time you use it, than my crayon notes on scrap paper method. Thanks for sharing. Al
  6. Thanks Scott. Just as the pictures show, we started in the center and worked out. That was a method taught to me years ago, and has always worked well. All most everything passes through the 2end, and largest ring. Once R2 was in place, it was a case of looking at which ring intersected with other rings and the sq. cross members, and figuring out what needed to be done to get them in place. There were no forge welds on the interior rings, the farther we got into the assembly the tighter everything got. Our piece really kinds of holds itself together. Al
  7. PVF Al

    Horrible anvil joke

    No, but as I remember all the coyote's stuff was ACME. Al
  8. Frosty, actually some of the closure joints were hidden where a round ring passed through another round ring. There was one ring that had a small tack on it to hold it together. But if I try to tell which one I'm sure my fingers will swell up and I will never be able to type again! We found that the farther along in the assembly process we got, the stiffer everything became. After the frame ring was installed we went back and tightened up 8-10 joints. At that point we couldn't find anything else that was loose, and could produce no more "rattles" so we decided to leave well enough alone, and put the finish on it. That was how it was put on display Sat. As I have been promising, I will put a PDF file below with some pictures and captions. I'm sure it won't answer every question that everyone might have, but it's a lot more info. than we had when we started. If anyone come up with a better way to do it. Please, show us the pictures. Where not sworn to secrecy, I will attempt to answer questions. Once again thank everyone for your kind and encouraging messages. Al Kuhn Ring Notebook PDF.pdf
  9. PVF Al

    Horrible anvil joke

    The answer I got was an ACME! Al
  10. Here are a couple of close-ups taken by a Athens forge member. Al
  11. PVF Al

    Hello from Belgium

    Benoit, Welcome! We all started small, I still have my first "S" hook. I have alway found repletion is the key to both speed and getting better. Examine your 1st one to the 10th one. If you don't see improvement, try and find out why. Good Luck! Al
  12. Here is a completed project photo. I didn't post last night because I was hoping someone would send me a better picture. I will go back Mon. afternoon and get one without shadows. In respect to the joints, if you go back and examine the original picture closely you will find several indications of rings that had a joint at the intersection of two points. We tried to do the same. About 60 blacksmiths came and examined the project yesterday, we had it suspended at eye level were it could be spun around and looked at from every direction. To paraphrase and sum up the comments I heard , " We know there are joints, but we can't find them". I'm still putting pictures of the process together, don't give up on me. Al Here's the "Team" Left to Right. Travis Fleming, Ronnie Howard, Dustin Patterson, Saxon Reynolds, Al Stephens.
  13. Once again, thank you all for your kind words. I will post a picture of finished project this evening. Still putting the pictures taken during the process together and in order, but if someone with more computer knowledge than I have can't help they will have to be posted 1-2 at a time. I almost knocked my wonderful satellite internet connection out of orbit when I tried to email the file . Biggundoctor- The only ring that was forge welded was the outer frame ring. That was one of the many things that puzzled us during the process. Trying to figure out "how" it was done originally. Keep in mind the first one was an element in the center of a large fence section, probably 5"x6" Al
  14. Vaughn, days and hours of us standing around looking puzzled, would not be helpful. Entertaining, possibly, there were times we thought we could hear the original team laughing. Al
  15. I hollowed out an old black plastic angle grinder box for my small demo/project travel kit. It will hold favorite cross peen, small ball peen, 2-3 favorite all purpose tongs. Scroll pliers, several punches, 10" 1/2 rd.file. wire brush, kevlar gloves, small towel, white chalk pencil, touch mark. And a small unopened tube of super glue, for bad cuts, which fortunately I have never had to use, and a small tube with aspirin in it. Made a copper name plate with my mark on it and riveted it to the top. Al