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  1. Nicholas, Before you spend that kind of money, try and make contact with smiths in your area. Local groups are one of your best sources for any tools. Good Luck. Al
  2. PVF Al

    Railroad spike Shoehorn

    I do have a swedge block, but I've also done it by using the space between open vise jaws. You just form down into the hollow. Al
  3. PVF Al

    Railroad spike Shoehorn

    Here's how I did one a while back. Al
  4. PVF Al

    Athens Forge 2018

    Spanky, How did I know this idea would meet with your approval? Al
  5. PVF Al

    Athens Forge 2018

    Starting with the next meeting of Athens Forge, Oct. 27, we are going to try to "live stream" the meeting the meeting on YouTube. Please visit the Athens Forge channel on YouTube for an introduction video now. There will be further information concerning the meeting posted on IFI on 10/20. Also view us at Athensforge.com, and Athens forge on FB.
  6. PVF Al

    I purchased an antique bellows to restore.

    One of the funniest things I ever heard was when the sales girl at a leather place said, perfectly seriously, "Sir, they don't make cows that big." I still laugh about it. Good luck with the repair, have fun. Al
  7. PVF Al

    First day of blacksmithing!

    Fangedknight, If you get a chance, try and connect with some of the smiths at Rough and Tumble, They rebuild an old bellows several years ago that wasn't even functional when they started. If the bellows at DB is working with duct tape patches, all you need to do is put a new leather skin on it. I've even worked on one that had a canvas skin on it and worked fine. Good luck. Al
  8. Jeremy, has now taken the space of the first image that comes to mind anytime I will ever be ask about 3erd hands. Well done sir!! I'm not as limber, talented, or any other descriptive phrase you want to insert, as he is. Having said that, here are the 2 that get the most use in my shop. Note that the stool has interchangeable "yokes" for holding long stock on edge for cutting in saw. Still laughing Al
  9. Strike, take some time and find a local blacksmith group near you. Try ABANA.org for a start. The experience of others will be a great help to you. Good luck, be safe. Al
  10. PVF Al

    What can I make for Halloween 2018 ?

    Very nice Jim. Thanks for sharing. Al
  11. Aus & Brasso, Thank you both for the pics and description of the process! Very well done! The few times I've tried casting anything, adding a vent hole has always increased my chances of a good outcome. Al
  12. PVF Al

    Hi there! Newbie from Berks County PA!

    Hi Jack, you might look at pabasite.org. There is no greater place to get good information than at a local blacksmith group meeting. There is a lot of knowledge about period blacksmithing in that group. Just ask, and listen to the answers. Tell their president I said Hi. Al
  13. PVF Al

    Samuel Yellin Film

    We have completed negotiations with the Smithsonian Institute. The films should be digitized by the end of Oct. 2018. Once that is done we will figure out how to make them available for viewing. As with most things, patience and perseverance, will prevail !! Al
  14. PVF Al

    Athens Forge 2018

    The Athens Forge, a member of the Alabama Forge Council will meet Sat. Sept. 22 at 9 AM. Please note meeting start time change. Our demonstrator for the day will be Athens Forge member George Ezell. George will be forging a billet and a blade or two from that billet. You can see examples of his work at Relic Forge on FB. If you have questions about a Seax style knife, George is the one to come and ask. One never knows what will be at the meetings to buy, sell, or trade. Visitors are alway welcome. For more information, and pictures of past meetings visit the website at Athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB.
  15. A one time student, and now long time friend uses the following statement to his students which he attributes to me. "It's better than perfect, it's done." I'm sure I followed it to him with, "Now do another one." Al