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  1. As I understand from Steve, a catastrophic failure of a regulator seems to be the culprit. Al
  2. I apologize if this is old news, but Steve Bronstien's, Blackthorne Forge was destroyed by fire on March 28th. Steve is a great guy an asset to the blacksmith community, whom I've known for 20+ years. Details can be viewed at.. .http://www.wcax.com/story/35025672/marshfield-blacksmith-shop-burns-down http://www.timesargus.com/articles/blackthorne-forge-destroyed-by-fire/ The shop had very recently passed a fire safety inspection with flying colors. Al Additional links removed as per site rules.
  3. The Athens Forge a member of the AFC will meet Sat. April 22, at 10AM. Athens Forge has planned the rest of the 2017 meetings around knife making. We have several good blade smiths in our forge, and they will lead the presentations, and do the demos. This meeting will start with a discussion of different parts of a knife, different knife styles, and materials. Open forge time will follow, for AFC members. Visitors are always welcome, for more info. see www.athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB.
  4. Very nice, well done, very clean.
  5. I ran across an item called a Torch Mate Automatic Torch Lighter in a hot glass shop a while ago. Powered by 2 "AA" batteries, just touch the tip to it and go to work. Haven't ordered one myself yet, but think about it everytime a breeze blows my torch pilot out. Al
  6. If you haven't already done it, contact BAM, Blacksmith Association of Missouri , www.bamsite.org. They will be a great source for info., tools, and material for you to start with.
  7. Brickman, Good job! Now you can go to work. Keep us updated on your progress. Al
  8. When I find myself "correcting" minuscule things that no one but me would ever see, I often decide that it's good enough. However, it is the chasing, and correcting, of those same minuscule issues that separate a great piece, from a common piece. And lest I open myself up to abuse, I don't consider any of my work in the "Great" category.
  9. I draw a lot of pre cut lengths to a specific length, this has helped, and saved a lot of time over the years. Just a piece of angle iron, marked at 1 inch increments. Use vise grips to set a stop.
  10. Compact sand, lay piece of plywood in, place anvil on plywood. Go to work.
  11. Brickman, the solidest, cheapest, easiest, fastest to make stand, I've ever seen is a plywood box, filled with sand. You can add or subtract sand until you find "your" best working height. Build it high enough so scale or sand can build up around the feet, which will quiet it down, and keep it in place. Easy to add a tool rack to, in any configuration "you" find works for you. Al
  12. Mark, it's a wonderful thing, in one your age, that you recognize the therapeutic value of working with your hands. It's a lesson many, of all ages, need to learn. It's a joy to follow your progression. Congrats on the show. Al
  13. Welcome Russel. If you ever feel like a short drive, visit the monthly meetings of the Athens Forge. Athens forge.com, or on FB at Athens Forge. We have members of all levels, and we all learn from each other. Al
  14. If you do it in sections, I would think it could be done with a bending forks in a vise. Draw your radius, form a section to the radius.
  15. Very Nice David, What is the top going to be? Al