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  1. Welcome Russel. If you ever feel like a short drive, visit the monthly meetings of the Athens Forge. Athens forge.com, or on FB at Athens Forge. We have members of all levels, and we all learn from each other. Al
  2. If you do it in sections, I would think it could be done with a bending forks in a vise. Draw your radius, form a section to the radius.
  3. Very Nice David, What is the top going to be? Al
  4. Athens Forge, a member of the Alabama Forge Council, will meet Sat. Mar. 25, at 10 AM. We will conclude the gas forge build projects. Everyone welcome. Visit us at Athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on Facebook.
  5. Great idea, very nice stand. Sure to be a conversation starter. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Very nice David, thanks for sharing.
  7. I just replaced a nice factory made three leg stand, with a plywood box filled with 200 lbs. of sand. Solid, quiet, cheap, easy, 2 hr. build. Much happier with anvil.
  8. Started rebuild of a "lever forge" today. That's what my hard cover, 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Cat.#112 called it. Looks like their No. 24V1008 , cost $5.95 in1902! Some one decided, years before I got it, to cut some holes in the pan sides, but other than that everything will work. I do need a 1" x 52&1/2" leather belt to make the blower turn. Does anybody have any idea where to get something like this in the USA. Will accept alternate ideas. Belt will have to lace together, the blower fully is inside a casting, no way to roll a solid belt on it.
  9. Zaxmyth, Use what you have and learn! If you fill in the spaces between your anvil face and the rail with a couple of tubes of silicon caulking it should quiet it down considerably. Also bolting it down to stump tight will help, some. Find and connect with a local blacksmith group, they will be a big help in locating stuff.
  10. I like it! I've got one with no tail that I use as a spare for classes. I see this modification in it's future.
  11. Railroad spike to shoe horn. Practicing basic skills.
  12. I have the great great grandfather of your forge, don't use it much but would like info on if and where parts can be obtained. Got mine in the last century in St. Louis. I visited a shop once that had a power hammer mounted on metal "skid" with a 2" "hardy" that he dropped in a hole in his floor to keep it from walking. When he wasn't forging he moved it out of his way. I applaud your thinking!
  13. Very Nice Joshua!! In addition to your metalworking skills it looks like you can teach us all something about photography. Way better than my usual "Black and What's?"
  14. The Athens Forge a member of the AFC will meet Sat. Jan.28 at 10 AM. This meeting will be dedicated to open forge time for any member. So bring your idea's and some material. Bring your latest project so we can all admire it! Visitors are always welcome. www.athensforge.com, Athens Forge on Facebook