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  1. Athens Forge 2018

    The Athens Forge, a member of the Alabama Forge Council will meet Sat. Feb. 24th at 10AM. Clay Spencer will be the demonstrator, and will make a rail road spike door knocker, a rope twist tool, a V block, and a S-7 hot cut. Clay has been smithing a LONG time. He's served on the ABANA board, is a life time AFC member, and been editor of the "Bits" newsletter. He teaches anywhere/everywhere including the Campbell Folk School. He is also well know for both treadle hammer, and tire hammer workshops. He is a wealth of information, and knowledge. Open forge time for AFC members will follow. There will be an Iron in the Hat drawing. Visitors are always welcome, for more information, and directions to Athens Forge, visit the website at athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB
  2. 3 way pass thru

    A pictures worth a thousand words. A good afternoon spent with a friend. Al
  3. 3 way pass thru

    So Mike, any pics of an original piece, front and back, with all the paint, rust cleaned off? That way we can all get some sleep and not lay awake all night thinking about it. If you've priced to do 123 of them, at least of pic of your sample, trial pieces. Thanks for the interesting post, it's generated some good conversation on FB also. Al
  4. 3 way pass thru

    Since there is clearly some cast work behind the grill, is it possible its a piece supplied as a complete unit, by the alarm bell company? There used to be a lot of very intricate cast work done. Al
  5. Alabama scrap yards

    Everybody of any skill level are welcome at the meetings. We have newly interested people at every meeting. We all learn from each other. The Feb. demonstrator Clay Spencer would be real good for you to see, he's been at it a long time. Al
  6. Alabama scrap yards

    Taylorblake, You might also check with any local fab., welding, machine shop, body/auto repair shop, near you. Be nice, tell them what your doing, ask if you can look thru their scrap containers, offer to pay a reasonable price, get permission before you load anything in your vehicle. A local blacksmith group is also a good source of material, and information. You may not be to far from the Athens Forge, www.athensforge.com. Al
  7. Stand/Cart for forge, any pics?

    My main forge doesn't ever get moved much, but it sits on an old roll around tool box. The drawers hold all kinds of tools, the handle serves as a tong rack, and a piece of light sheet metal in the top drawer allows me to use it as a shelf, with not often use things under it, but still closes to get out of the way. Al
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thank you. JHCC, I think he, and his father will be pleased. Al
  9. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    A friend ask if I could duplicate a missing wheel of a old clock case for his father. Took some "play time" yesterday, and tried it. I had never tried casting anything, but used to work at a place that did a lot of it. I bought some casting "sand", and made do with stuff laying around shop. Used some old scrap aluminum pipe for material. This was my 3erd attempt. It needs some file work to clean it up. Al
  10. About to start my smiting adventure

    Hi BeaumontsWorks, If you haven't already done so, you should get in contact with one of the blacksmith groups near you. The group at Furnace Town can help you start your journey. Good luck, be safe. Al
  11. Thank You for reviving this post Sasha. I recently obtained a beautiful wall hanging scenery piece done all with flame, by Dan Hedblom in Minnesota. I admire it every time I pass it. This is another thing thing on the "I want to try some day list" Al
  12. The shop that I started learning in didn't have electricity. The lessons I learned there were/are invaluable. I use them everyday. I've told many starting out ,"If you can't do it by hand, you can't do it in a power hammer. Al
  13. Hi Bob, it really depends on the conference, and the group putting it on. I've been to some that included 40" bonfires, and multiple anvil shoots. Excellent demos where I've learned a lot ,and met good, smart, sharing people. I've been to some where I've fallen asleep in the chair( and yes, there are pictures to prove it). 20 miles, GO FOR IT! you can drive back and forth, and sleep in your own bed. Take pictures, listen, take money, normally there is some type of tailgate sale area, and unless you have more self control than I have, you'll find "something" you really, really, need. From the AZ web site it looks like it should be worth the drive. Have fun. Al
  14. Athens Forge 2018

    The Athens Forge, a member of the Alabama Forge council will meet Sat. Jan.27th at 10AM, in Athens Alabama. Al Stephens will demonstrate forging a set of scrolling pliers, on a stump anvil. Open forge time will follow for AFC member. Visitors are always welcome, for more information , and directions to Athens Forge, visit the web site at athensforge.com, or FB Athens Forge.
  15. Hello All. To add to my post of several days ago, I thought I would put out some "historical" facts about my blacksmith journey. Perhaps they will help someone starting out, with the thought of making smithing a "occupation." I began as a volunteer, hobbyist. I studied, watched, ask questions, listened to answers, and practiced, practiced, practiced. At that point I had worked as a machinist, and mechanic, for about 15 years. I decided I wanted to forge for a living, and wound up accepting a job forging for someone else , which I did for almost 13 years. One of my mentors called one day and offered me his "production" line, so he could go into semiretirement to pursue his art work. The offer he made me was good enough that I felt I would always wonder about it, if I didn't try. For 4 LONG years, I kept my full time job, while building up my business. Then the day came that I had to make a choice, because I couldn't continue to do both. Since then I have worked for my self, and have continued to make my mentors line, my own. I believe I have been successful. I don't have any formal higher education. My work day usually starts not long after I wake up, and some days last past when I should be asleep. I have almost alway used the ideals I was raised on,"If you can't pay for it, you don't need it" to guide me. I've alway kept very careful records, so I know what will sell, and what won't. So when I have the opportunity, I do make up stock. I have been fortunate, to meet many very smart, talented, intelligent, creative people, that have been willing to share their experience with me. I try to pay that help back, by passing it on to others, in as much as my limited ability will allow. I also have had the honor to have my work sold by many wonderful people across the country, without them I would have never made it. As the old song says,"What a long strange trip it's been" Al