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  1. Athens Forge 2017

    The next meeting of the Athens Forge, will be Sat. Dec. 16, 2017 at 10AM. Please note this meeting date has been moved from the normal 4th Sat. meeting because of the holidays. This will be an open forge meeting, with discussion of 2018 meetings. Visitors are always welcome, for more info see www.athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB
  2. Show me your anvil

    Hi Beaudry, Just noticed the "v" wire brush set up in your 2ed anvil pic. I've never seen that before, but its a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Al
  3. John summed it all up "And sometimes, there exists the perfect storm of ignorance, arrogance, stupidity/brain damage/chemical enhancement and the Y chromosome. Which all adds up to an area effect weapon, which can not be legislated out of existence. " Well done John, Al .
  4. Lever Forge

    Hi Todd, Pivot to eyelet is 10". Connector link is 7". I finally used a piece of old tiedown strap and made a belt, which seemed to work fine. Had to make a ash dump gate, even made a smaller firepot from an old cast iron pan, so I could get a deeper, smaller, bed of coal. Started a heat shield ,but never installed it. Was never able to get the blower to sustain a good air flow. Ran out of playtime, disassembled the whole thing, and put in storage for...someday. Al
  5. Hello From Alabama (Picture heavy)

    Hi Josh, nice work, you'll have to come up and visit the Athens Forge. Our meeting date for Dec. has been changed to the 3erd Sat. 12/16/17 www.athensforge.com Al
  6. Weldit Gassaver

    Knots, I switched over about 10 years ago. The only difference I saw was the pilot flame was not as strong. Blows out in a breeze coming through the shop. Al
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Ranchmanben, That is a very nice vise. Thanks for sharing , does the cam hold everything tight? Al
  8. Athens Forge 2017

    To conclude our years focus on knife making Dale Huckabee of Maylene, AL. will be our demonstrator at the Nov. 25 meeting of the Athens Forge. He has been making knives for many years. He is a member of the American Bladesmith Society, ABS, and has achieved the Journeyman rating. Dale will be forging a small blade, with the focus on explaining the criteria of reaching the Journeyman rating. Dale will bring examples of his work and it can be viewed at https://dalehuckabeeknives.weebly.com/ We will have an Iron In The Hat, so bring something nice. Visitors are always welcome, for more info see www.athensforge.com, or Athens Forge on FB.
  9. You might try just bolting down to a heavy sheet of 4'x8' plywood. That will give it a big footprint,so it doesn't dig it self down into the dirt, and give you a solid place to stand. It would also help you figure out right where you want the hammer to sit, to match your work patterns. Concrete pads are real hard to move! Al
  10. Life question

    Brian, 25 years ago, I quit my job and turned my "hobby", blacksmithing, into my occupation. I've worked for others, but for the last 13 years have only worked for myself. Never missed a meal, always paid my bills on time, been much happier. I'm not taking the credit, I've had a lot of help and support over the years. But blacksmithing can be a profession. Al
  11. small scale fun

    Anytime anyone burns something up at our forge meetings it winds up nailed to the wall, as a example to beginners that we all do that. I've always said any smith that said they've never burned anything up will lie about other things also. Al
  12. small scale fun

    Judson, thanks for sharing the pic of Bob Valentine' work. The little rams head are very nice, Aus. I don't think I've ever demoed anything smaller than a snail out of 1/4", I'll have to practice and try some of these. Al
  13. small scale fun

    Nice work LBS. Here's some lapel or hat pins I made several years ago. The leaf was all forged, the door knocker and latch were mostly file work. Al
  14. small scale fun

    Nice buckle C-1, always something to be gained while in the "file zone". For me it's always been patience. Al
  15. Good Morning All.

    Welcome Greg. If you haven't done so you might want to touch base with a local group. Check out alaforge.org. Under the Contact Us, tab you can find other info. Looks like the Bayou group is close to you. If you ever get up north visit us in Athens, 4th Sat. of every month. Al