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    Scrolling Tongs

    I made these two pares of scrolling tongs the other day I forged the jaws and hinge pate from 5/8 round and welded 7/16 round bar on for the reins. They are just made from mild steel so I hope that they stand up after some use. I am very happy with them and I had never made tongs like these befor as i have only been forging a few years since I'm 16 years old. I would like to know what you guys think of them!!
  2. Do they have water cooled tue irons (the air pipe bit) or just a big casting to radiate the heat? I have worked with bottom blast fire pot forges and find that side blast forges in my opinion are much easier to control and you can build the fire to whatever size you want.
  3. I have a 4 pound lump hammer I do large work with which has a 9 ish inch handle on it which I find will hurt my wrist after alot of forging, I am only 16 though so I can hammer all day!!! I like to have a smoth finish on my handles, I usaly buff them with steel wool and then my hands kind of stick to the handle. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone uses a side blast forge like mine, I built this one a few weeks ago and it is working well for me. I live in the UK and they are quite common here but I don't see many pictures or examples of them anyware else. Mine is water cooled and has a water jacket in the tue iron Thanks
  5. In my opinion I don't think that adding extra bits to the handle of rapping tape around it us proper. I would start of with a large (18 inch) hammer handle which is nice and thick and work from there. I have done this with many hammers, I just keep shaving it down and cutting the end off till it feels perfect. Thanks
  6. Thank you for your reply, I will check for cracks and dead spot next time I use it. I also want to know if the horn is a hard steel or just mild steel? Thanks
  7. Thank you for your replys, I think it is extremely good shape to. I can see were the top plate is welded on and was wondering if the bottom is wrought iron? Also I have been forging on it and it has a very dead ring compared to my other anvils but it has very good rebound, I don't k ow why this would be? Thanks
  8. I bought this peter wright anvil today, it is in great condition and I am very happy with it. I am really looking forward to forging on it but would still like to know some more information about it. Thanks
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