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  1. At no point was I trying to figure it out other options, just unfortunatly limited in what is available. Ie no #57 bit and no 1/8inch feed pipe. No store had them locally. Will be going to the city next week but was hoping to get something working before then. I have since soldered over the 1/16 hole and downsized it using a small piece of wire. Made a difference but not enough to get to welding temp.
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for all the replies. here are some pics of the forge set up Forge Chamber Burner: 1/4" cross pipe drilled to 1/16, swedged to 3/4 inch, 1 inch x 1 1/4 bell reducer Burner at 5PSI In forge at 5psi In forge at 15psi no added air air hose to blow into burner In forge with air at 5psi propane (NOTICEABLY HOTTER..by A LOT)
  3. Hey there guys, long time lurker but I have a question that I am hoping someone can help me with. i am trying to learn to forge weld and am having tons of difficulty. I think i have come to the conclusion that it infact is my forge not getting hot enough. Here is my set up. cofee can forge fired with a 3/4 inch reil style butner. Orafice is drilled to 1/16th (smallest i could find), ran at 5-10psi. Burner is then helped with ~25psi of air from the back to aid in compustion. I get good heat for forging and shaping but not near enough to weld. Looking at ways to increase the heat output. Im using straight propane not mapp. the borax does melt when its put on something that clmes directly from the forge.
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