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  1. Brian Breazel mentioned using it in one of his videos. I know nothing about pools and what the product is actually used for so you guys are probably correct. I'm willing to try it out but I'm not chemist and I want to be as safe as possible.
  2. I recently heard about using PH Down which is a pool chemical in a bath for removing scale on forged items. Anyone tried this and if so in what concentrations? I assume the results would be similar to vinegar as it would be acidic? Thanks, Pat
  3. I never said it was a GOOD solution! I'm building mine at the moment, I'll be adding a few cross pins in the head so the lead can flow around and lock in.
  4. In Clays built instructions it mentions that if the lead does come loose, cut a couple of pieces of flat bar a little wider than the ID of the head tube - drop them in the tube then give them a whack - therefore jamming the lead blob in place.
  5. I screwed around and built a few forges and ended up playing around with them more than actually smithing. Recently bit the bullet and bought a dual burner forge from Mighty Forge, and I absolutely love it! Looking back I probably spent more building stuff that didn't work than it would have been to buy a proper forge in the first place and the new one works ten times better!!
  6. I went the easy route and machined then out of solid on my CNC Mill. I suppose that is cheating a bit!
  7. I've got two the similar size and condition, one I paid $100 for and the other $200 - Canadian. Around here that is probably considered a good deal, about $300-$400 would be about average around these parts. Pat
  8. I've been in to gold panning long before all the stupid gold rush shows came out. Since they have every idiot wants to do it and generally don't follow the mining rules, now certain areas have been shut down that have long been open. Not to mention that all the claims around have been bought up and newbies are working them. Thank fully I don't get cable to follow the blacksmith TV stuff. I have found it harder to buy anything used that is "blacksmith" related, the exposure has driven the price and availability up for sure. Pat
  9. Jeremy is the MAN! Yes it is true - they are great when they are working that is! Pat
  10. Ha Smoggy is right, seen some of the Toyota guys twist them up like pretzels when you feed your engine water! That is why I have a snorkel! Don't need to worry about the electrics in a land rover - they never work anyway! I'm actually on Vancouver island in Canada. We did not get the 200/300tdi's over here in our Rovers, but it is a common swap for anyone left who still drives these things on a regular basis. Every part has to be brought it from the UK, but they are super reliable so that doesn't happen all to often. Pat
  11. A shop towel bar would be cool! I'd buy one! I would try to keep the HRCXXX code on the bar to keep it identifiable, the others don't really mean much. The TDI rods are really hard so that may be tricky. I've built so many 200/300tdi's and beat the crap out of them - never have I seen a bent rod! Pat
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