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  1. I found a place that buys/sells estates. Mostly its furniture and similar house hold goods from the estates they buy. In their junk room I found a big box of old rusty files for like $2 each. Bought a bunch of them. Most went in the scrap bin to be used for knives or similar projects but all the handles got pulled off and put on my good files that did not have handles yet.
  2. Thanks for the heads up I will try to make it Saturday if I can.
  3. Will do. I see they are on the Burritt calendar for October 9th.
  4. Move to Madison Alabama last year. I am new to this hobby and am looking to learn more. I currently have a small anvil and a small home built single burning gas forge. I usually roll that stuff out into the driveway to work. I tried to attend the meeting of the Huntsville Chapter of the Alabama Blacksmith Council at Burritt on the Mountain on Sep 11th but for some reason the meeting was canceled. I though I might ask here to see if anyone is a member or knows an active group in the greater Huntsville AL area. Thanks
  5. I clearly did not scroll down far enough. I found the Alabama subsection of this forum I will ask there. Sorry for the misplaced post.
  6. Are there any other members here from the greater Huntsville Alabama area? I am new to this hobby and new to the area and am looking to learn more. I tried to attend the meeting of the Huntsville Chapter of the Alabama Blacksmith Council at Burritt on the Mountain last weekend but for some reason the meeting was canceled. Their website is a bit out of date so I though I might ask here to see if anyone is a member or knows an active group in the area. Thanks
  7. mcb

    Second Pair of Tongs

    Finally cool of enough down here and has some free time to get the forge out this weekend. Finish my second pair of tongs. Built these for hold railroad spikes and similar shapes. Almost hot enough
  8. The heat treat is probably OK. Heated to orange hot in the forge and quench in preheated canola oil. Then with it quench down to a temperature I could just barely touch it with my hands (~150F) I put it in the oven for 2-hours at 425F. After letting it cool almost to room temp I soaked it again at 425F for 2 hours a second time. It's a relatively small knife only a 3-1/8 inch blade and will be used for field dressing deer and similar work. No impact in the use I expect for it. I do need to get some material to make a sheath for it though. I annealed a much larger file when I did that one and I am going to make a larger knife from it. With that I am going to grind all the file teeth off it to make it smooth and will actually forge it to rough shape.
  9. Thank you, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot making this one. Next one will be larger.
  10. My second knife I have made from scratch. This one started life as a medium size cross-cut flat file. It was not forged but I did use my forge to anneal the file so I could shape it then used my forge to heat if for quench. Temper was done in the oven. The rough shape was done with my angle grinder and a cut off wheel. Final shape was then done on a 1-inch belt sander and some file work. Blade bevel was done on a home made file fixture. The bevel was then sanded by hand and polished with a wheel. Sharpened with a diamond sharpener and angle guide. The handles are maple that have been stabilized with wood hardener and finishes with a dark walnut danish oil. The stain did not get as dark as I had hoped likely do to the hardener I used. Pins are simple 3/16 brass rod and the handles are epoxied on.
  11. This thread has come completely off the tracks. I believe you might be referring to General George B McClellan. He was way too cautious and ultimately relieved by President Lincoln.
  12. I agree Frosty there is a lot of crap out there on the internet. But I knew the bucket forge was not going to last when I built it. It was really cheap to make, the materials where locally available and I knew when I made it, it was a short term forge. It let me try forging some small stuff to see if I liked it without a large outlay of cash. And I have been surprised it has lasted as long as it has. But with all the issues I have worked through, to get it working as well as I have been able to, is part of the reason I want to buy a forge rather than build one. I have modified my burner twice two get a hotter more consistent flame, the lid cracked and needed fixed, etc. I have no doubt I have learned a lot from it and my next forge would be better (even if built without welding) but I would expect a forge purchased from a reputable fabricator would work well right out of the box. I am torn on this. My current burner is pretty good now. Might even get to welding temps if it was in a better insulated forge. What are some good reliable sources of refractory materials, kaowool, ridgidizer and firebricks? I can't fine anything locally so I would have to order much of it online. I also worry just a little bit about safely working with the kaowool. I also agree on buying good material. The RR spikes where cheap and are for screwing around and learning how to move metal. When I get serious about a project I will order better know materials so I can heat treat them properly. I still have a lot to learn.