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  1. Crumble it is, thank you for all the information. I'll will wait until I have all four and buy something I can craft something out of. Once more, thank you for the help!
  2. Okay, so for curiosity's sake, what would happen if I heated it and hammered on it a little? Would it go 'splash'?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, but everyone here seems to give rather in depth answers to other peoples questions, so I figured I would ask one of my own. I just changed the rotors on my vehicle, they seem to be a cast iron of sorts. I was wondering if it is possible to turn them into a knife, or blade of some kind. If I need to build a hot fire and hammer away for days on end, I'm willing to. But I would like any and all pointers. If possible will you try to keep your answers in laymans terms? I am not quite as fluent in the metallurgy lingo as I should be. Thank you for any and all help!
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