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    Feeding Hummingbird

    Here's a piece I made for a friend that had lost her Father just before Fathers Day 2015. His was a mechanic, his fave bird was the hummingbird, and fave flower the sunflower. Of course I would've like to have spent a few more hours on it had it not been for a deadline.
  2. Mike Mullins

    Wish me luck...

    Awesome job on the gate. I'm planning to try my hand at making one this Summer, thanks for the great pics of yours. I've got access to pallets of opaque projectors that I could sell cheaply, and also the newer projectors that can be hooked to a computer. If anyone needs one just let me know.
  3. Mike Mullins

    Do you want to play with fire?

    Nicely done Hay, I bet kid 2 spent a few hours on youtube watching smithing videos last nite!
  4. Mike Mullins

    Wrought iron lizard

    Very nice, I especially like the flow of the tail!
  5. Can I get Owensboro wagon loaded with "time"?
  6. I got hooked up with some coal last nite, the plan is to use it to unwind this weekend but I probably won't ever touch it again after a little experimenting. I can do it 1 time without getting hooked right?