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  1. Building a box bellows, design here: Can this bellows be successfully built from OSB? I'm worried that the cloth wrap for the piston will get caught on the strands or chunks or whatever the little bits of wood are called. It's reasonably smooth...but is "reasonably" good enough? box bellows.pdf
  2. I have designed the refractory lining for a forge I'd like to build - I happen to work at an industrial refractory specialist, so I can have it cast out of the finest, strongest, most heat resistant refractory material available for essentially no cost. This is the current stage of my design, and before I push it to be cast I'd like a review - criticisms, dangers, warnings, praises, whatever. I'm especially unsure about the design of the trough - does it need to be deeper, less deep, wider, and so on. This is just the refractory lining; it would be surrounded and held by a steel plate construction. I'm building a box bellows to go along with it. All dimensions are in inches. refractory.pdf