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  1. So I recently picked up a buffalo forge similar to model 843. I found a catalog of theirs that listed a downdraft hood as as an option. It appears this hood allows the exhaust gasses to be drawn into the blower input for better smoke control. Has anyone used one of these and is it worth the effort?
  2. I have learned the coal is bitumos coal from the Pocohontas vein. Jule nut is 1.5x2.5 and varies in size. Stoker is pea sized, about as big as a thumbnail. The coal man says either is used by blacksmiths depending on their preferance. I'll decide when I can see it for myself. Thanks for your help.
  3. This weekend I purchased a well worn 233 Hey Budden. The face is depressed about 3/16 in the center 1/3 all the way across. It is usable as is with good ring and rebound but it is not flat at all. It appears to be very old and beat up all around. I am considering buildup of the face to make it flat, but seing as how it is wrought iron should I weld on it? My initial research indicates it can be welded with ordinary low carbon steel rod. Any advice on that?
  4. I recently acquired a coal forge and have been looking for a coal supplier near me. I found Henry's coal yard in Strasburg VA that has 4 different coal grades for sale. Julenut and stoker coal are both sold in bulk $310/ton. Rice coal and stove coal are both sold $6 per 40 lb bag. The price per ton is almost the same. Which is better and why?
  5. Thanks Frank and Jim. I like the way you think. I'll get my drill bits and portland cement at the ready!
  6. Thank you for your replies. I'll fire it as is and see how it does. I take it this forge needs coal or coke. Any idea where I can find some near Fredericksburg VA?
  7. I purchased a used Buffalo Forge. It is 28x42 with a fire pot on one side. The firepot is cracked and the forge is not lined. It came with a variable speed blower that i have sent out for repair. It was working before but the person I bought it from broke the wires on the field during disassembly. The firepot is cracked and a new one is available for $500. Should I replace it? I need advice as to set-up and care of this forge. I know the pan should be lined with firebrick. Should the fire pot be lined? Would castable refractory like Mizzou or the lighter version it (forgot name?) be acceptable? Gotta go now, be back later this evening.
  8. I had oxy propane an didn't like it because it doesn't get as hot as oxy acetylene. I use the customer owned smaller tanks. They are less expensive in the long run because there is no demurrage charges and they are easy to carry around and load in the truck. I use my rig occasionally and it all works well for me. We somtimes carry the torch and bottles off the truck and up a flight of stairs to the machines we work on. The smaller bottles are small enough without being too small and running out in the middle of the job.
  9. I have an auto darkening solar powered shield and I noticed the delay right off. My eyes are light sensitve so I taught myself to blink when I pull the mig trigger. Maybe its not perfect but it works ... most of the time. Try it. Petehdgs
  10. Not a lot of experience yet, but there are three ways to control the output of a power hammer. 1. Kiss block to set resulting thickness of the work piece. 2. Forward speed of stroke. Faster equals stronger hits. 3. Backstroke length. Shorter equals weaker hits. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I found an ultrasonic testing company in Alexandria VA near the job site. I agree that is the way to go.
  12. I need help to provide a service for my customer. He has large water cooled diesel engines with large radiators that have steel top tanks that are rusting on the inside. This occurs because the top tank includes the coolant expansion area and exposed to air on the inside of the tank. These engines provide critical power in the event of power failure, and he wants me to assess the condition of the tanks without disassembly. He suggested a magnetometer to measure tank plate thickness to determing if a tank is nearing a failure point. I am unfamiliar with this area of expertise and wondered if any of you have some ideas? I am all ears!
  13. I found this book by searching for "Blacksmithing PDF" on my phone. It automatically downloads for free by clicking the link: Title: Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated, A Practical Treatise on Modern Methods of Production for Blacksmith's, Apprentice Blacksmiths, Engineers and Others Author: J. W. Lillico, Practical Blacksmith and Ex-Foreman ( Scottswood Works of Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co., LTD) ISBN 1 869964 21 7 220 pages, over 650 illustrations Coptyright 1960, first published 1930, then 1944 1949, 1960, 1970, 1978, 1991 I really enjoy this book. it is a wealth of information to help me get started in Blacksmithing. I can read it on my phone with Office or Kindle, and on my computer with Adobe, and the pages can be printed for reference in the shop. A great find for free!
  14. I had never heard of Star Wars day, but if I could I'd build a land speeder, the jet powered hovercraft luke used in the first movie. I always thought that thing was cool.