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  1. With all this discussion about RR spike bottle openers, keep in mind that the railroad owns them.. If most are worried about taking ones ideas,, I ask; did they acquire the materials legally?
  2. HitinHard

    Key ring Jig

    5/32 wire around 1.5 round stock. cold rolled key ring maker

    © BBB

  3. HitinHard

    Key rings

    5/32 steel welding wire, crimp key rings

    © BBB

  4. HitinHard

    wizard BBB

    100# power hammer

    © BBB

  5. HitinHard


    champion co.
  6. HitinHard


  7. HitinHard

    Homemade Anvil

    Stamp BBB,, haha looks awfully familiar. still needs the pritchel. I just uploaded a pic.
  8. HitinHard


    Not the first,, Not the last. Homemade anvil. aprx. 110# very hard. (BBB)
  9. HitinHard

    double twist jig

    It's a must do! Endless possibilities and fun
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