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  1. I was cleaning up UPS batteries and cables in an electrical shack at a school/ophanage in Haiti. Had my back to the door most of the time but often seen movememt out of the corner of an eye from the local workman, students etc. One watcher stayed quit a while and seemed rather interested so I turned around to look. Casually sittting up on it's haunches was an opossum sized rat. It finally grew bored and sauntered off. Didn't want to throw tools or anything at the rodent as they could bounce and short out a battery rack. https://www.google.ca/amp/amp.livescience.com/52792-armadillos-leprosy-bacteria-spreading-southern-us.html
  2. not a pristine anvil by any means so the price wasn't taking advantage of widows and orphans. Good enough for the odd peice of metal work repairs when the kids wreck something else.
  3. The factory finish on anvils? Did any manufacture do anything other than the "natural" finish of iron and steel from the tempering oven ?
  4. Any chance that the " IN " was a factory stamp that indicated "inspected " ?
  5. Somebody was saying that those people who high pressure wash anvils are little better than the perverts who sandblast anvils ?
  6. 2 X 112 + 1 X 28 + 2 = 254lbs ? This afternoon the high pressure , hot water washer will be used to lift all loose dirt and rust. May find more stamps. There could be a previous owners initials on there as well. I called 1-800-522-7448 however the manual is obsolete.
  7. Probably a 1830-1875 M&H Armitage MouseHole weighing 2.1.2 . Nearly ruptured myself picking it up from the trunk of my kid's Mustang, thought it was a 100lb'er. The trunk lift over height kept rising as the suspension unloaded while the anvil was raised. There is a I N stamped between the feet , under the horn. Sorry I did not have the dirt brushed off prior to taking the images, not knowing they were there. Any idea what it could indicate. There is some Roman number reference to either 1 or 1000 and 90 ?
  8. Any blacksmithing events, meetings, seminars, classes , get togethers etc during the spring of 2015 ?
  9. A friend from Mississippi is planning a visit to southwestern Ontario this spring. Being that he works some iron and that I have a interest. Is there anything going on any where that we could attend of interest?
  10. Is THAK in Elmira still selling coal both direct and through Home Hardware?
  11. Can't walk through a farm auction in Southern Ontrio without tripping over a Peter Wright Anvil.
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