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  1. Thanks guys helped me out a lot! My dad owns a prosthetic limb shop, and today found out that he's hooking me up with a belt grinder, so that's a big plus!
  2. Hey guys, So ive looked everywhere for something like this, but I cant seem to find anything. I decided I would just make one. I have a small forge, a ball peen hammer, an engineers hammer, a pair of vice grips, and a home made spike anvil, but thats about it. I was wondering if there was anything else is necessary, or highly recommended? What type of tongs, hardy tools, punches, etc. would a smith want to create knives axes and tools? Thanks, Ben
  3. Thanks so much for the quick replies! I'm in the tampa area if it means anything, and I'm dyin to get some RR track, but nothing has turned up yet. Ill keep searching
  4. Hi, I know that there are tons of these on this site, but none of them really meet my needs. I live in Florida, not in the country at all, and i need an anvil. I can't afford an actual anvil, as I'm only 16 and on a tight budget, nor can i get rail road track, because like I already said i don't live near railroads or rural areas at all. I've heard about the forklift tine idea but I don't really know where i would find one in my area. sorry if there is already something extremely similar to this but the forum is massive and i couldn't find anyone in the same situation as myself. Thanks, Ben
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