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  1. That is awesome thanks for the idea of the round container I was trying to figure how to build that out of flat sheet metal.
  2. okay last one was funny lol I'm actually more worried about the fact people keep callin me coWboy I'm using coMPboy just hopping no one expects me to know anything about cows or horses what I know about either would fit in a single sentence. Pigs or computers I can have a conversation about.
  3. Well today went better got a fire going and hopefully annealed some steal at the same time and made a little charcoal and ash. I tried posting a pick of my little fire and the grill but the site doesn't seem to be letting me. Which kind of sucks since I wanted to do a bit of a build along thread. Now I just need to find some two inch steel pipe, cap, couple elbows and I should be in business forge wise. Well it seems that I can get an image post just really big pictures sigh I will figure this out soon I hope
  4. Alas I did that sat and sun she had those days off this week so we worked together on the laundry and cleaning. Supper was handled by my mother who lives with us and takes monday night as her night to cook and hang with the grandkids. Generally I cook anyway since she works days and even on a day when I work I'm up by 3 ish. My mother is out the door by 2ish so cooking falls to me since wife is not home till 6 ish. That and I like cooking, hate laundry, like sweeping and mopping.
  5. So glad I no longer live in Manitoba. The last year I lived there we had a blizzard that shut down a fair amount of the province at the end of may.
  6. First read through Frosty`s post ``Hmm it`s like he is speaking english but not.`` Few web searchs later ah okay, I still don`t get it, third time was the charm. Not that your explanation wasn`t excellent just been a while since I looked at this stuff, like 20 years. :blink: Think I will be doing the first method making my own taps and dies is just a little above me for now and by the time I get to that skill level I`ll already have bought some more tools to do that work. However the explanation was very educatiional Hope you don`t mind I cut and pasted that text and moved it into a document in my blacksmithing file along with a few other explanations I`m finding here. I`m hanging on to till I get the forge and anvil up and or sourced. Don`t worry if I ever posted it I will give full credit. :D
  7. Just went outside to do some work on my first attempt at a forge. Thought I would do as was talked about on a sticky here start with what I had. Went over the $50 knife shop for 2 hours then went to do an hour work on getting a forge up and running with what I had just here. Was going to start a fire and make some ash/charcol for the forge and anneal some steel for some stock removal projects I had in mind. And I go outside and literally step off the deck towards my fire area and it starts raining hard enough that I'm not getting a fire going. Like a tap was turned on and I have to wait till friday for my money to respawn. So I can't even go look for a dimmer switch, pipe, elbows etc.. Add to that my car is in the shop for what I thought would be a short visit and now has become a two day event and the other vechile we have is at work with my wife so I can't even go any place. ARGGHHH. To top it all off I was suppose to spend my day after the car got out looking for work. Thought I would make lemons (car down till tuesday) into lemonade (forge working). if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all. Great part I work nights and monday and tuesday are my weekend.
  8. Speaking as someone just starting out even with the guy that was an awesome video particularly for the difference in colour between the welding and the regular forging. I still have one small question how do you ensure that the bolt and the nut match in size? As in general diameter do you round of the bolt end first then match the punch for the nut from the rounded end of the bolt. Coming at this from 20 years ago in machine shop class of machineing stock to a set diameter messured by a micrometer then tapered slightly before cutting the threads. Sorry if this was stated in the video the host was driving me nuts.
  9. Thanks for the Location as well I actually have an area I hunt near there maybe after small game season opens up again I can swing by both places at the same time now that sounds like a good day. :D
  10. Thanks alot for the names of places that will help I will admit that has been the biggest issue finding a place that sells steal. Didn't think it would be that big of an issue in Hamilton of all places. Actually I was going between a grinder or getting the brake drum forge parts together for my next purchase I asked for a grinder for my birthday. Maybe I will just work on making a forge out of dirt in the back yard. Wife wanted a firepit anyway. Or maybe see about the grill. That one I'll have to sneak though it's old but everyonce in awhile the family wants me to burn some meat for them. It's a little rusted but a hack saw could remove the bottom of the legs that are giving me concern. Also my car needs some work might be a good time to hit up the owner of my local shop while I'm in getting a couple of things done. Lol that seems a little wrong but meh I'll be in the shop why not ask. I wish I was free next weekend, unfortunatly I work nights and my "weekend" is Monday, Tuesday. I would love to swing by your shop sometime I haven't been in metal shop since highschool. Double credit for 4 years got out started appling for jobs but alas no CNC experience so no job. Alas the wonder of our modern education system.Unfortunatly I'm going to be busy for the next little while looking for work. I took a job in desperation a year and half ago, I'm out of the house for sixty hours between driving and work. After you count in the cost of driving I'm getting paid for 20 hours. So the wife would be a little angry if I went wondering off on a hobby trip before that is settled. Once I get that settled I'll give you a shout.
  11. So I have a couple question I hope it's okay that I'm not a member yet mostly because I just found out about this Organization when I signed up for this forum. :D Anyway does anyone know of a scrapyard in Hamilton that sells to the general public? I looked at Kenny u pull and that seems to only be cars and while I'm okay with that idea I was kind of looking for something with a little more range of steel I could pick over and I'm not entirely sure how to remove a leaf spring from a car and how you leave the car after your done. Because removing the suspension from a car strikes me as a fairly complicated procedure at least involving a jack stand. While I am willing to make some sacrifice I want to keep my jack stands. They aren't cheap. I also noted that the price of a used brake drum is pretty much the same as a new one from amazon.ca granted without shipping which pretty much covers the time I would spend driving down there to get the part. I have contacted a couple other places and they are telling me they don't sell to the general public. So any ideas would be helpful. I'm not to sure where to get the materials for a makeshift anvil from a car without a cutting torch don't own one as yet and considering my $80 a month limit for setting up the forge and tools it's going to take a bit. Before I get to the point of owning a cutting torch and I really doubt anyone is going to let me cut up a drive shaft without buying the whole thing. If that would even work lol. I had considered a makeshift anvil from a railroad rail but so far they seem to only be in places that would cost WAY to much money to ship from. I'm getting down to just buying a sledge hammer and using it as a stake anvil or getting one from old world anvils but again the shipping is a little bit ouchie. Thanks in advance
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