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  1. Hi Everyone Thanks for your replies. I decided to just ease the corners a tiny bit. I can take more off later, but putting more on might be harder! (lol) Thanks for your thoughts Larry
  2. Just received my New Holland Anvil! I will need to radius the edges. How much, the same full Length? Thanks
  3. I save any thing that isn't rubber, glass, or plastic..of corse I have more than I'll ever use, but I need more
  4. We put in several made of 18 in culvert pipe all work fine
  5. Has anyone used a thermal arts gas forge, made in Portland OR?
  6. phabib Now that the dust has settled....would you do it again?? Larry
  7. Hi everyone I recently acquired a 3 legged rectangular forge never had a fire in it. Unfortunately the crank gear has a 2in piece broken out. Does anyone have a 12in Champion gear that they would be willing to sell? Here is a picture
  8. Hi everyone How many smiths use a belt grinder(KMG style) in their shop? (other than knife making) Larry
  9. Sam, 400 cfm may be more than you want, with the dimmer switch make sure it can handle the amperage or the switch will burn up. Larry
  10. Very interesting topic!! Was wondering, could a large unit be used to temper an anvil? Larry
  11. Hi Evertyone, Well last week I found an anvil. $250 the seller says he weighed it #300 lbs. It took 3 of us to lift it into the truck, I'll know more when I get it cleaned up. I've attached pictures and there are markings on the side, but I can't make anything out. Anyone want to guess at the make? Larry
  12. Thanks Vaughn Search Tempest is new to me, turned up quite a few anvils to my surprise. I may go look at the originsl anvil I was talking about, just to see what it is. I really want a 2-300 pounder. If I go I'll take alot of pics, weather I get it or not Larry
  13. thanks everyone for the replies!! I thought it was over priced. There is a Peter Wright 103 lb anvil about an Hr away in Whitesboro, NY for 325, I may make an offer on it. Thanks again Larry
  14. I answered an ad for blacksmith tools today: 200 lb anvil (pics look like a 100 lb, not in bad shape) says cast iron on the back, 31inchs from heel to the point post vise, condition unknown melting pot?? tongs, number and condition unknown Price $475-- If it is 200 lbs....is this a reasonable price?? Thanks Larry
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