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  1. Tell me about it. I had a cone shatter on one end. That blower has sat for a long time till I can find another without buying the whole dang blower
  2. Putting out coal forge fire questions

    at the class they teach us to pull the coals out and dowse with water. This guy left his hot coals down in the fire pot and sprinkled water. This made the above gas down down in the air tube. When he bumped the blower(and old Champion 400 hand crank)it sent the gas back into the hot coals. We had 7 forges and students banging away and everyone stopped when that bang happened. That sound was deafening. The air vent was dryer vent tubing 4 foot long and was shredded from one end to the other. Dude was scared witless but otherwise alright.
  3. Putting out coal forge fire questions

    We had a guy at a class put out coals in the pan with water, he bumped the blower handle and still had some hot coals. In the end he blew up and shredded the air hose they were using.
  4. Champion 400 disassemble problem

    The hardest part I have ran into when fixing these is that worm drive. The nuts get seized on and it only comes out the back. Which there is not a whole lot of clearance to get on the back nut either. Maybe I got the wrong tools. I did a canedy otto restore and holy smokes it was all gears and was a breeze. Though watch out for the non metal gear and do not soak it in anything
  5. Rebuilding a Canedy Otto Leader Forge

    I keep getting a 403 error when replying... The catalog I am refering to 4512.pdf Forges Blowers and Drills. Page 56, parts list on 121 of the catalog. It does not show any other part that I can see. All the other parts match the numbers exact except the gear. I could make it work, but what fun is that??
  6. Rebuilding a Canedy Otto Leader Forge

    I went through each part matching the number to the part number in the catalog. The only one that does not match is the large gear. It also does not have the same spokes as the catalog. I am thinking that is the problem, the gear was from something else didn't match up and the person gave up on the forge
  7. Rebuilding a Canedy Otto Leader Forge

    I was thinking the same thing, I just wanted to be close to the original. The only photos I could find were old catalog photos but I could not see this part. Looking through the catalog the part numbers match up the cast numbers on each part. Gonna check to see if the pulley hanger is the right part number as I do not see a spacer on the catalog repair list. The picture from the top down has something I am concerned about(not a whole lot though). The shaft for the large gear goes into the firepot. To me this does not seem right. It looks like a large bolt with not threads. If I turn it around the other way the gear would slip off the end. More photos.....
  8. Rebuilding a Canedy Otto Leader Forge

    I shall do better pics in the morning as there is something else kinda bugging me. Also will try putting things the other way around. The project kind of fell off the do it now radar. Both photos are the same forge 1st pic is wire wheeled and painted for fun
  9. This forge is 99% cast iron. The gear shafts and the nuts/bolts are the only things that are not cast. The only catch is the gears are not lining up properly. I am thinking there is a part missing? Does anyone else have a forge like this I could see photos of?? Google offered very little help with the images (see photo #2)
  10. Canedy Forge with blower

    Canedy otto Catalog #8 Page 73 of the book starts blowers
  11. Show me your Forge

    This one here is the big one. It looks like at one point it had a hood on the left side, but someone along the way cut it off. Currently the electric blower is on the side and a Champion 400 hand crank is on it. The hand crank is alot easier on this thing to control the air flow. Its is cast iron throughout This is the "newest" baby forge. This one is a good size to haul around. Th pan was lined with clay from out in the woods. It is now lined with fire bricks around the tuyere
  12. that looks similar to forged arrow heads. I would try them as practice then once I got the knack do the spear.
  13. Currently its sitting in a bin of Diesel as everything is rusted tight. It blows air but is very very hard. From the chatroom last eve the non metal gear may be messed up. Anything else I should watch out for? I have rebuilt several Buffalo 400's, but this brand is new to me
  14. Painting a hand crank blower

    I painted this one black with a high heat paint then went over that with a Merlot engine paint. the soot still collects but is easy to wipe off. I did not paint the inside of the fan housing, it seemed like a waste. On the barrel is one I am starting in green. When taking the crud off the fan it was previously painted so I figured why not
  15. Anvils!

    First Up is Peter Wright (130lbs); #1 #2 a tad bit smaller(88lbs) broken heel at pritchel, edges abused #3 Hay Budden (154lbs)