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  1. I am 16 years old and live in Michigan, I have my own little blacksmith shop that I built and have my own little "buisness" so to speak. I love the craft of Blacksmithing and I have been at it for close to 3 years now. -Travis
  2. I think for a smaller list we need to ask What Can't a blacksmith make... I really havent figured that one out yet ;)
  3. I turn them into hearts for candle holder bases etc. Trivets, Split it in half and make a fork/ spoon set out of it, Buisness card holders/Picture holders, Fold in half for a nice Folding knife handle, put some hooks on it to make a keychain holder, decorate it up to hang on a wall, use it as a back for a door knocker (use a railroad spike for a striking piece fixed to it like a hinge), ... The list goes on.
  4. I think that right now I am as close to a "modern day apprentice" that there may be. I met my friend and mentor George at a blacksmith meeting about a year ago and we have been working together quite a lot. We help eachother out on our seperate projects and he teaches me what he knows. Sometimes we demonstrate at art shows together and sometimes we demonstrate alone at different places. All I know is that an apprenticeship these days will never amount to what it used to be based on all of our social and economic changes etc. I do believe that more blacksmith's should try to do what George and I do to further pass on the craft and keep it growing because being the last of anything is not fun. So If you meet anybody willing and ready to learn it is important to help him/her out and further pass on our craft. -Travis
  5. The hole saw was not too bad of a method but I liked slicing the end of the bar personally. If you have a metalworking bandsaw or a tool like it i'm sure it would be the much faster way.
  6. Here are some pics of what I came up with. Some were done with a hole saw and some were done by cutting thin slices from the end of a bar. I peened around the edges and put in some chisel marks through the center to decorate them a bit then slightly dished them. Thanks again for the Ideas - Travis
  7. hey, thanks for the ideas so far they are great i'm going to have to head out to the shop and play around with the idea until I get what I want. - Thanks again - Travis
  8. Alright, I have a project that I'm working on and would like some insight. My Aunt is sewing me up some civil war style pants and I thought it would be cool to make up some custom steel buttons for them. Has anybody done this before, and what would be a good way to do it?
  9. crazypyro448

    Lord of the Rings knife

    replica of Aragorn's knife from the lord of the rings movies
  10. replica of Aragorn's knife from the lord of the rings movies
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