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  1. Heyfire I,m from R.I but I go to Wells every summer maybe we can do some striper fishin this may when they are headed up.
  2. I'm a pretty industrious guy when I'm not in the smithy I,m working on my wife and I's car or the house or whatever.SO last week my hands got to the point where the were scabbed blistered and bruised, and I was whining about it to my wife so she made this solution for me and it was the best.warm water, hydrogen poroxide and olive oil. Olive oil you say? Yes it has anti bacterial properties.I've used it on all my tattoos with great results. I soaked for about 10 min while I watched Family guy. gigidy goo
  3. I was just at a safety meeting a week ago and I wish I had thw pic to show, but a man had slipped of a latter and caught his ring it peeled the skin back and wedged itself under the skin his skin looked like a loose sock.I've also had problems with chemicals reacting with the gold.I've been married 3 years and honestly cant tell you where my ring is.
  4. O.K. I found it on page 9 blacksmithin great thanks
  5. I was wondering where i could have a touchmark made.I was also wonderingif there was an archive I have to check before I have it made so I don't copy anyone? TIA Jason
  6. Mende , that hook is ment to free a snagged fisherman in trouble.So,insted of chopping at the rope he just has to hook and pull."Hope it didn't take the coolness out of it."Thanks for the feed back.
  7. first i used tranfer paper for the outline then i used water colors and about 4 coats of poly
  8. No,Iused the leave as a prop because I was getting alot of glair off the table.I think I'm gonna shoot my next projects outside It looks better to me when I see other guys photos.
  9. Ron, will that mix have strength enough to use as a brick?And,strech something just doesn,t feel right about breathing that stuff in dry or when fires on it.But thanks for the input.
  10. Thanks Glenn , I don't spend much time on the pc so thanks for the help.
  11. The only problem with hydrogen is when it makes a pocket somewhere . Alot of divers die that way.
  12. I wanted to make bricks strong enough for doors so I tried a different mix the suggested,they crumbled but I used the same mix to insulate a new forge and it been working top knotch. heres the mix. 1 bag fireclay,1/2bag morter,1/2bag sand,1/3box of borax.Iwould add alittle more sand but its been great.
  13. My first attempt at a real knife. The steel is an old pry bar. The handle is made from heart pine. The reason for the design is it's for my brother in law, who is a lobsterman. From what I hear, it's a common design for fishermen as a cut away. All the polishing and finishing was done by hand, due to lack of tools! Let me know what you think, guys! TIA
  14. Black Ink


    first real knife
  15. thanks everyone i made a sweet chillie pepper today out of copper and i want to use brass for the leaf on top so im gonna try that tomorrow.
  16. Thank you guys its a true brotherhood
  17. Could someone please help me .I'm collecting and making stuff pay check to pay check as I'm sure most of you did when you first started,but I have yet to get,make or been able to buy a good set of tongs.The 2 pair I have now are job specific and mild steel so I'm frustrated.On the good side I just got my hands on a nice 1/4'' garage door spring,and what I really need is a tong design with alot of different uses .Could someone help me? Please!! TIA Jason
  18. I have some old brass pipe that I pulled from my house I've never really worked with brass so I heated a piece and let it sit for a day.The next day I split a piece and played around with it cold and with some slight heat,and it was just shattering.Is this stuff worthless,should I just scrap it? TIA Jason
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