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  1. Being mostly a bladesmith nowadays, I am partial to the round chambers with a burner coming in at a tangent. Also, if all you are doing is blades, you really don't need that big of a chamber. I've switched to doing about 95% of my blade forging in a small vertical forge with ~5" heat across. I find this works better for me than heating up the whole blade every heat. That said, I've also got a bigger horizontal for when that is needed. So I would definitely lean towards the Ellis forge. Now... unless something has changed, he ships you the forge shell with enough ceramic fiber blanket to line it and some satanite to coat the blanket (also some bubble alumina for the floor). But it is not already installed or cut. And if you choose the forced air burner, it does not include a blower. So there will be some extra DIY work on the ellis one and it may not include all the cost if you intend to go with the forced air burner.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I am going to go ahead and order some all-thread. If it doesn't work out for whatever reason, I may try Jim's idea! Cody
  3. Hey guys, I've got a new style 100lb. LG hammer. I am trying to build a guard for the spring and wanted to attach the guard to the 3 long bolts going through the ram guide. Unfortunately, there is not enough bolt there to get the guard piece on it. Is there any reason not to replace them with threaded rod? I have a metal lathe and the capability to turn my own bolts but it seems like all thread would be an easier solution. Thanks, Cody
  4. I bought a foot long piece of 5" square 4140. It cost me about $100 to have it professionally heat treated and they got it up to 55 HRC.
  5. I hardly ever watch HGTV but for some reason it was on today and that show came on. I was surprised to see a blacksmith on it. This is the lady blacksmith's website: http://www.carleyeisenberg.com/
  6. Well my shop is a bit of a mess right now as I'm doing some re-organizing, but... A couple things I use I-beams for... 1. I dropped my gas forge down in one. It's a pretty decent platform for building attachments to your forge off of. You can see a simple work rest that slides back and forth on the beam that I made. Sorry about the blurry image. Just realized it. 2. They make nice horizontal quench tanks for heat treating tools or knives. I just welded some plates on the end and filled em up with oil.
  7. I believe it is actually made in Turkey. Not that it matters. It was actually a gift. I probably would not have bought it if was my money. I am very happy with it though. It is a great vice.
  8. I think I'm the only one crazy enough to have bought it. -_- It is very nice! Not as heavy as I thought it would be. I had spent a good deal of money on an antique one. Everything seemed to work fine but it just would not grip the material that well. Could not figure it out. Just decided to buy that one and not worry about it. It grips very very well :D
  9. DSW, That is a wealth of information! I really appreciate the time you took to type that out. That clears up a lot of stuff for me. Thankyou very much! Cody
  10. Okay. I guess the only hesitation with the vibrator is I know it is gonna be a good bit more expensive than putting in the superplasticizer. The only place that rents stuff in town overcharges for everything. I'll think about it though. It may be the best solution. Thanks guys.
  11. I don't want to go too far off-topic here but I have a question for you guys that have dealt with concrete with superplasticizer in it. I'm getting ready to pour the foundation for my 100lb. LG and I wanted to add Super P to the mix to help it get around the thicket of rebar I have built. The problem is that I'm going to end up with quite a bit of extra concrete from the truck. I've been wanting to build a little sidewalk between the driveway and the shop so I don't have to tromp through the mud to get out to it. I thought maybe I could use the excess and go ahead and form up the sidewalk. My question is this: Will the superplasticizer make it too hard to make a sidewalk out of? It is a little slope up to the shop and I'm just having visions of trying to screed the concrete up and it just oozing right back down.
  12. One thing I still don't understand is how to properly tension the spring. I would probably need to make a separate thread for that. Right now, the dies are touching and I was told I would need to adjust it where there is 1-2" of clearance with the hammer at the 6 o'clock position. I guess there is some kind of balance between how much to tension the spring vs how much to move the whole assembly up on the pitman? Is there any rule of thumb as to how much tension to put on the spring of a 100lb LG? I was told if it's too loose, the ram will go up and hit the spring. Too tight, and the spring could explode.
  13. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I had been spraying some mink oil lube in there as a penetrant to get it free and moving. It was a bit seized up when I first tried to turn it. I'm planning on switching to bar and chain oil once I actually get the thing in the shop and running. Now I'm thinking I will add some Duralube to it as well. How much do you add Frosty? Also, good to know on the chainsaw. I've been hunting for figured woods and burls and chainsawing them up. I'll have to try the duralube for that as well :D That sounds like some sound advice swededfiddle. I'll go huntin for a magnetic dial indicator.
  14. I went to double check. I have been spraying some oil up in there but haven't gotten a ladder to go look in and see what it looks like. There are some holes in there. Kind of hard to see in the picture but they are there! I will be sure to put excess amounts of oil :) I really have no idea if they are machined or not. If I do take the caps off, I'll let you know :D
  15. Well, I don't know a whole lot about these machines and did not know if they work as well as the original babbitt ones. They do appear to be in good shape so I will leave them alone! Thankyou for the reply!
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