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  1. Thanks for kind words guys. For the next one I want the hook to really grab your attention. I have access to some nice polished rocks. I might fit one into the hook.
  2. Thanks for the compliment Frosty. I thought about the corner thing, but was trying to do this one quick. The stainless is pretty thick and strong. I used two rivets to attach the shovel to the bar. I will definitely rivet the corners on the next one. It looks much better.
  3. 3/8 square bar, with a piece of stainless steel salvaged from an old bbq.
  4. I cut a hole in the side of the hood so the visitors can see the fire. Even while I was pumping the bellows, some people would still ask if I was using gas. The swallows built their nest right above the forge this year. I put a piece of 3/8 bar up there for a perch. Then they went back to the old nest later in the summer for their second batch. An image of a nice coal fire with a little kindling mixed in. Same fire.
  5. I recently sold this to a happy customer. Started with 3/8 square. I am in the process of making another set that is much fancier, with a very decorative hook.
  6. Thanks for your compliments. They sell really well, so I keep on making them. Done about 30 to 40 now. The second picture has a couple of forks also. Third picture starts with a hoof pick I made for my cousin from half a rail spike. This one was meant to look like a beer bottle. A rail spike on the bottom, and one designed for a friend with bad arthritis in his wrists. Basically, the weight of his arm will open the bottle.
  7. I started making these a couple of weeks ago. The steps involved are quite enjoyable.
  8. A blacksmith friend told me about this bellows. I couldn't pass them up. Crusty leather, but otherwise in great shape.
  9. Thanks everyone. I enjoy the cleaning up and finishing. Filing is like meditation for me!
  10. I made these simple ones last summer for a customer. We came up with the design together. He attached them loosely so they swing down when not in use.
  11. I was commissioned to make a couple of these crosses. One small and one large. 3/8's and 1" bar. They are fun to make.
  12. I also have a local kid ( family friend ) coming in for two mornings a week, and he is doing very well. He's only 14, and he is almost as big as I am. He is used to building log homes with his father, not playing video games in his spare time.
  13. Hey Swedefiddle, that sounds pretty weird. Even if it can't be used, it still should have been stood up. The base has a huge crack, just below where the hammer strikes. There hasn't been a blacksmith here in a long time that takes their job more seriously than I do. I am always trying to improve the functionality and image of the shop and my boss is working on a few projects also. One is a workshop where members of the public can pay for a basic lesson and do a little work with us. Heelaru, a visit to Colonial Williamsburg is a dream of mine also. A few more recent pictures. The drill is now mounted on the wall instead of the post in the center of the shop. Cleaned up a lot of the mess and old scrap metal.
  14. Horses! The third picture is the view from behind the shop, looking out at the main street.