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  1. Thanks swede. There won't be a bucket. Ash will just dump onto ground / concrete. I've been lusting after a brick forge for a while now. It's finally happening. The top is now finished. I ordered this fire pot from Thak Ironworks in Ontario. Great place to deal with. It's also made in Ontario.
  2. The hood is in the dump. It was rusted beyond repair. I am building a side draft brick chimney, with a tiny little hood over the opening.
  3. Thanks Chris. It's great here, and all aspects of the park are constantly improving. And it was time that the shop was taken to the next level.
  4. I'll be working on the chimney today. Trying to get this finished for our delayed opening on July 3rd. We usually open mid May.
  5. I had a friend cut out the steel top with a torch. It is 55" x 30".
  6. With the down time because of covid, and snow ripping the chimneys off, we decided to build a new forge at the shop. It took a couple of days to destroy the old one and remove the remaining section of chimney. Bye bye. I poured a 5' x 5' x 9" concrete pad. Start of the brickwork. Getting taller. Ready for the air pipe. I welded up some pieces of a bedframe from the dump.
  7. Thanks. These also have the pattern on both sides, which I really like.
  8. A couple of bottle openers made from stainless butter knife handles.
  9. If it's not too cold I ride my snowmobile to Barkerville and play around in the shop. My boss and a friend/coworker.
  10. Thanks for kind words guys. For the next one I want the hook to really grab your attention. I have access to some nice polished rocks. I might fit one into the hook.
  11. Thanks for the compliment Frosty. I thought about the corner thing, but was trying to do this one quick. The stainless is pretty thick and strong. I used two rivets to attach the shovel to the bar. I will definitely rivet the corners on the next one. It looks much better.
  12. 3/8 square bar, with a piece of stainless steel salvaged from an old bbq.
  13. I cut a hole in the side of the hood so the visitors can see the fire. Even while I was pumping the bellows, some people would still ask if I was using gas. The swallows built their nest right above the forge this year. I put a piece of 3/8 bar up there for a perch. Then they went back to the old nest later in the summer for their second batch. An image of a nice coal fire with a little kindling mixed in. Same fire.
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