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  1. Dang it Frosty. I Missed you in my thank you note. Sorry about that. You gave me so much Info when I first started this mystery of blacksmithing. I have made so many gassers since then. So how are you doing? I am going to build one just big enough to do small blades. And I will use my burnout oven to draw them out. I think folders are going to be my choice. I have taught my self how to take cow horn from green to finish. And boy DO IT STINK <_< . Boil it for 5hrs and the core comes out, take a 22cal brass brush and clean out the tip, set aside and dry. Shoot I think this could be a blue print. I will look in to The press too. True
  2. Hey thanks for the suport guys. Sorry to hear it true, but I am glad the fusing Operation went well. Cant you still do the silver work? keep the kiln for that ? Yes Steve I think I will be able to keep on with my jewelry work. The oven will not get hot enough, need to get to 1300 deg. I am not going to part with any of my small tools. Nor am I partting with my good hammers ether. I fell in love with them :rolleyes: Sorry to hear that. How about a power hammer??? There is almost always a way around something. I wish I could use a power hammer. Doc said NO! But you can count on me to find a way around it. Just going to miss that semll, Gess I will have to make a small forge :D True
  3. Well it's been fun guys. Short lived but fun. I would like to say Thanks to RT, JK, Pete, Stan, Steve and Glenn for all the encouragement and information. Any one who looks for info and encouragement look no further you have hit a true gold mine. I will not stop lurking a round hear ether. Just have to find a new something to do. The Doc laded the law down this spring. You have to give it up. Heck I never got good at beaten hot iron ether, I was just playing around. Just think what I could do if I just put my shoulder in to it :D In May I had my neck fused from C3 To C7. Now they are talking about cutting my shoulder up and doing carpal tunnel on my left side. Think I am going to go back to school and get a refresher course in CNC. I have gotten my table top out and I have been working with it. So If things work out I will start doing small parts with it, like stuff for knives. So by the way, dose any one know where I can find any info on knives? :o :P Keep the coal hot hit'em hot and mak'em sharp True
  4. True


    Yestorday was a good day for casting. The melt, pour and the tree stump. The stump is 1 1/4" H X 2 1/4 W. The anvil will sit on top. It is 2 1/2" L X 1 1/4" at bottom, at top 5/8" W, 1 3/8" H.
  5. A few weeks ago I was on an auction site and found this 2X48" 1.5 hp Baldoa grinder! got it for $175 & 10 hrs on the road. Plus a few motors and a bunch of air valves. Now that brings me to This last week end I picked up Just a few air cylinders and pumps and a 2 hp hyd pump. All for $124 & one hr on the road. Now what?
  6. True

    Hello Beth sorry that it has taken me so long to do this. I don't read my page much. I will send you an e mail of what I do and like

  7. I took it. Thanks Bob
  8. True

    My first knife

    I guess this one was both. I did a lot of grinding cuz my hammern is shaby for now.. and thanks
  9. I have finely got one done! Not that I have been doing this for ever. It has been a long time for me, 9 months shoot I could be a new Dad ! NOT. I will have to say It dose not happen over night. and I can see that it's going to take more reading and trials and errors to get better. Then I can work on GOOD. I would like to say thanks to IFI Folks for the Information I have gleaned from you. A cheep tuition. The Knife is 77/8" long the blade is 4" long. the steel is from a plow disk (1080). The guard is lost wax cast in brass w/ Stirling silver, but cap is lost wax cast in brass w/ Stirling silver. and the wizard is lost wax cast Stirling silver.
  10. That is some nice work.. Can they be sized? and did you turn them on a lathe? Back in 2000 the titanium rings were big and you could not size them,with basic tools. True
  11. Give thes guys a look. http://southerntoolsteel.rtrk.com/?scid=1014762&rl_alt=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.southerntoolsteel.com&rl_path=/services.html http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=197&step=2&top_cat=197 I like the second one.
  12. This post is good for us newbes.. I bougt a Coote http://www.cootebeltgrinder.com/ I wish now that i had not be so cheep and got the 8" or 10". But for $475 /shipping and a cupple other goodes. I will keep it. But I am going to buld that noweld grinder. and weld some. Oh yes Mr. Powers 99.999% of what you have said I have found to be SPOT ON.
  13. Ptree, some darn nice work. I am just getting started and will have a few soon
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