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hot off the OABA website

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Here you gp guys, hot off the OABA website.
To all blacksmiths, friends of blacksmiths, wannabe blacksmiths, artists, Friends of Morningstar Mill and the general public

The Ontario Artists Blacksmith Association will be holding its monthly meeting at Morningstar Mill here in St Catharines on April 18 from 9 to 3. This meeting will be an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested to see the work being produced by today's blacksmith. The exhibition will consist of a "Hammer In" where smiths use their portable forges to demonstrate items they have been working on as well as to share tricks of the trade. It is a great learning experience for everyone, so please feel free to come out for a visit.

John Bott
Volunteer Blacksmith
Friends of Morningstar Mill

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I don't know how many have spotted it. There's been a bit of an update on the OABA site regarding this meeting. There's been an additional post stating that the Mill will have some limited quantity of coke for sale. They're asking 30 cents/lb.......bring your own bags or pails.
Not a bad price really since coal from Thak works out to roughly 43 cents/lb.

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