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looking for 200# to 300# air hammer

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hello everyone I am looking for a second hammer i have a sayha 50 which i run with the treddle on the floor. I would like something bigger. would prefer a nazel. my name is joe davis and used to hang with tom clark all the time sure do miss the old dude what a guy. anyhow in the middle of this economic crisis i still seem to have work coming in and think bigger hammer might
get er done a little faster. web page allfiredupmetalandglass.com

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I have a 165 lb two piece Anyang Power hammer that is available. This hammer was purchased from the estate of the previous importer and was built in 2003 and has always been in it's crate. Before I sell any of these hammers, I set them up and run them on a test bench to make sure they are 100%. You are more than welcome to test the hammer at my shop to make sure it would work for you. I have a 165 lb Anyang that I have been using for about one year. I have worked 3" X 3" sq. bar, 3" X 5" blocks and forges 2 X 2 sq. bar like butter. The design of these hammers came from the Nazel and Massey hammers (a very proven design). You can see pictures of my art and the power hammer site at the links below. I am selling the 2 piece hammer at a big discount. Let me know if I can help you.

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