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Hi all,
Figured it was time to say "HI" and introduce myself.
I've been forging for about a year now and am now trying to figure out how to convince my wife that I need to build a smithy out of my lawnmower shed!
I've been using a charcoal forge which I built out of a small metal washtub and a hairdryer, an anvil that is made out of a couple blocks of steel and a railroad track and am looking forward to the very, very far off day of actually buying a proper anvil!

I originally got an idea to make pattern welded knives just out of nowhere and decided to give it a try--well, I haven't tried forge welding yet but have made a pretty nice knife out of a '65 Ford pickup leafspring along with various tongs. After awhile, I started thinking that it would be fun to give the "artsy" stuff a try--leaves, candle holders, etc. and now I'm pretty much consumed by blacksmithing--I hope I'm in the right place! ;)

I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade, and have formal training as a machinist, as well as being my own mechanic for my cars and other things that get hot and have wheels.

It's good to say Hi, and I'll post some pictures of current projects as well as some past things soon.

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Welcome aboard Chris, glad to have ya.

I'm happy to see you're getting on with hammering instead of investing all your time in looking for the "proper" tools. Good for you.

Lots of bladesmiths here for you to talk to.


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