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I Forge Iron

hello all


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I am Dwayne from the uk. I am hoping to start my own business soon but I am trying not to rush into it.
For my full time job I weld up steel frameworks for plastic fans which are used in various enviroments where steel or other metal fans would not be acceptable i.e. explosive enviroments, acidic enviroments etc.
However I hope to be able to turn to more interesting steelwork like gates, railings, planters and other such things.
I have a lot of the tools I will be needing including 235amp mig welder, various shop brought scroll jigs, various self made jigs and I am making more as and when i need them for my designs. My next project apart from making jigs for designs is to rig up a covering for my back yard so I can work in my spare time to expand my design and stock range and save me lugging my welder in and out of the shed.
I would love to get a forge and tools but people here in uk do not want to pay the money for that kind of thing especially with the credit crunch going on at the moment. I may still invest when I can if only to do a few things for my own enjoyment.
well that is me I kinda doubt I will be able to add too much to the group but you never know I do have a bit of a problem solving mind.

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