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  1. I am always expecting the metal to crinkle as its being formed.
  2. pillar candles then and no to start off it will be all cold working since i dont have a forge finished yet, have started it but i need to make some money with the cheap and cheerful stuff before I can learn to dabble with the hot iron.
  3. yes worked cold they will be bases for small church candle holders. I am making tools for them as i go along. there will be no clever stuff with them but i hope to sell them once i have all the tooling ready.
  4. ok first products from the hammer it took about five hit to dish these out and then flatten the edges but its 1.5mm thick and i am happy.
  5. just finished working on it for today and got it up and running (after a fashion) it needs finishing but it is at the stage where I could try it out. used it to flatten a few bits of thin pipe and to deface some currency and it seems to have enough weight behind it to do what I need it for. just have to finish the foot plate with safety which I discussed in previous thread, sort out the chain to hold it up when not in use and give it a lick of paint.
  6. just thought I would post a pic of my progress with the hammer, still a bit to go but hopefully should have the rest of it in place to complete it next weekend. Sorry the pic was taken in the dark but I had to wait to borrow the camera, will take better soon.
  7. Thanks for all the replies I have started on the treadle catch and will add a piece of chain so i can lock the hammer in place when not in use. I have included a pic of what I plan to do.
  8. Thats a good point actually but just posting this and posing the question has given me an idea I could have a catch that is part of the foot rest that when I place my foot on the rest it will move the catch away and allow the hammer to operate normally but if there is no foot on the rest and it tries to come down it will not allow it.
  9. I am in the process of making myself a treadle hammer and have most of it built however I cant help feeling a little worried about the safety. I have a single spring to hold the hammer up and if that spring should break obviously the hammer would just drop. Now taking Murphy's law into account there is a chance that there could be a finger under it when this happens. I was thinking of some kind of catch which if the spring breaks then this catch would block the movement in some way. If anyone has a treadle hammer could you post pics of the safety devices on them to give me ideas please. T
  10. shipto

    Show me your Lathe

    we had the spring loaded chuck keys that wouldn't stay in.
  11. I went to college on a course for the unemployed, this taught me the basics and got me my first job as a welder/fabricator, which paid very low wages but i loved working there and would have stayed if the wage was better. However it gave me experience and i moved on to a company that made man-up forklift trucks which paid 2 times more than the first place.
  12. shipto

    Show me your Lathe

    I am a member of the yahoo drummond group. mine is at work at the moment and when i get 5 minutes i do bits to it. have made a frame and wired up a .55kw motor to it so far. got around to putting a proper on/off/emergency stop switch to it the other day, had been use a plug up till then.
  13. I have only ever seen pictures of those. I have a mag drill at work which is a god send. I guess at least those could be used for other non magnetic materials which gives them a slight edge.
  14. would you be able to afford a welder generator? gives you the ability to do work on site as well as in the shop then.
  15. just to clear it up it means cigarette and womans privates here.
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