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holes in Brass?


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How many holes? What size holes? What size of material? (Size of material will determine how it can be accessed to punch, I am thinking of throat depth on a fly press or mandrel type press)

I have used punches and dies but some cost is involved which is why I posed the questions as you have to amortise the costs to justify expense for the type of tooling you will make or purchase

Whitney punches can be used for producing holes in brass sheet, or there are other methods/tools for producing punched holes in sheet materials.

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No specific size piece in the original thought, could be a knife blade guard or something larger perhaps?

In my mind it follows the hole drifted in say a steel hammer head which with a lot of work can be done by hand with good results or it can be done with a press to ease the workload. Just as I wouldn't drill a hole and file it to handle dimensions for a hammer it seemed a simple hand forming concept could be applied to a brass item. Nothing showed on a search so just thought I would ask. My first job long ago was at a silversmithing shop and I don't have trouble with filework. I like to forge my blades instead of stock removal and am just extending the concept to another part of the project.

I'll play with it a little and see where it goes, thanks for looking.


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If it is only a one off, have a go at punching it through as you would steel, with a square punch with very sharp edges, start on a solid steel block until punch goes solid, then flip over and drive through, over a close fitting bolster this should shear off the slug pretty cleanly

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