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These anvils are said to be made up the road from me in shreveport. I have yet to find the manufacture in shreveport, nor do i know of anyone who has used one. I have however seen them on display at jantz supply in davis ok. It had decent ring to it. Hope this helps.

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The Anvil reference is to Arkansa. The site is run by a machine shop that is evidently finishing the anvils. Some what like one of the Farrier houses is doing.

The only Louisiana Foundry that is likely to produce these anvils is at Amite, Louisiana.

There is a Hauser Foundry in that has been, to the best of my knowledge, non-ferrous, dealing with Aluminum for the most part.

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I talked to the gentleman that owns the farrier supply house that sales that anvil today. He stated that the anvil is made in Shreveport, LA. I didnt get into specifics with him like what company, etc. Figured if he wanted me to know, he would have told me. But now, I wish I had. He was in Covington at Buddy Leonard's shop. The Gulfcoast Blacksmith Association was having there annual meeting. Jim Batson was the guest demonstrator there. The gentleman that I am talking about was there tailgating. I forget his name.
Edit: He had three styles of anvils (as far as size/weight is concerned)on display and for sale. They seem to be finished nicely and the pricing was not to bad at all compared to other companies that sale new anvils. He also had an assortment of firepots that were not outrageous in price. I will have to look up the guys business name.

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