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Rosa Mortis : Pillar Candle Holders


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Thought you guys might want to see the sculputre I just completed. After about a month I stopped counting how much time I put into this. :rolleyes:

Rosa Mortis : The Bloom of Death are a pair of pillar style candle holders. The house the 4 elements in oppositional expanding directions. Those famaliar with my work know that I often create or recreate occult sculpture and antiquities. These candle holders are for a large steel altar.

They're comprised of steel and copper. The rest is airbrushed and weathered. In hindsight I suppose I could have actually done brass as opposed to painting them gold. But the steel is much stronger. There are countless coats of color and high gloss. All the detail work on the triangles took days on end with different dremel cutting bits. The rose petals are very thick, I started with 1/8'th plate and then consecutively used thinner metal. Each petal was actually forged and welded in place, piece by piece. I think they came out fairly well after such a long exhaustive process.

photo 1,2,3

Here I welded pipe over the pipe then used lead to to contour the seams.

photo 4

Wrapping the copper

[url=""]photo 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12













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Thanks guys. This will probably be the last pillar candle set I make because they can be so labor intensive, and because i've made numerous ones. I want to really stard using my talents to work on medieval weapons and armour.

Wrapped Copper and brass can look really beautiful when you get a fair bit of it. I encourage people to try it more often. Just keep in mind to start with tons of wire as you need a lot more then you imagine. It helps to keep tension and slightly tap it down with a something blunt to make sure the coils align well.

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