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I Forge Iron

Coal Forge Designs/Blueprints

Jeff Bly

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Who has'em and where can I find'em? :confused: Is there a specific section I should be looking in or someone in particular I should talk to? The more ideas, the better!

I was thinking perhaps something out of stone or brick with an overhead style flue. Maybe something that I can access from any and all sides. Thanks.

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I entered "Forge Design" into the search function from the top of the page and there were 108 threads listed. Not all were about "forge design" though as I just did the search quick and dirty so results were for any threads with either word in the title.

You can check out the "Lessons in Blacksmithing" and "Getting Started" sections, they may have links to what you're looking for.

If you click on one of the links in the BP section an index will come up and you can browse for titles of interest. Each link has 100 BPs. I don't think all the BPs are back up yet though but they'll be along.

Take a lunch and beverages, there's lots of good reading to do and pictures to look at.


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Jeff, it really is as easy as the designs etc. suggest. I made a brick foorge in about no time flat. I now produce folded steel ones to suit some tripod bases I happened to find. They take an hour at most.

Get a fire pot (brake drum or whatever else you have got) cut a hole in the bottom and squirt some air up that. A T junction so you can have an ash dump is better.

Of course if you want to try the British (and therefore best) way why not just have a side draft? Even easier.

Look at Vaughans for a very good on line catalogue which shows lots of detail.

Trust me it is as simple and almost as ancient as boy meets girl- but a lot less expensive.

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Jeff, I went to the local salvage yard and picked up a couple of sheets of 1/4" plate, I took a welding class through the local community continuing education and learned how to properly cut the plate, weld it together to last, the only other outlay was the firepot which I bought the coke firepot from centaur forge. I'll post pictures of the forge this evening when I get home to the computer that has the pictures. I took measurements off a forge they had at the local heritage museum, switched it around a little to make it fit me and my uses, I'm left handed so most of the older forges are set up for righties.

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You firepot appears to be made from something like 1/2" plate?? Thicker? That is "KICK Xxxxxxxx!!" ;) Should last a while before it rusts through LOL I like it!!

Yep went a bit overboard Dodge ;) My mates joke that I am like "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" from the TV show "Home Improvements" Bigger, more power etc....

The fire pot's base is 40mm (2 X 20mm plate) to facilitate the clinker breaker and the sides are 15mm; think I should be able to pass this to my youngest son......

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