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Anvil stand

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Thought I would pass along a few things I have learned the hard way, well a buddy did, and I changed my stands to steel. What happened was he was working a normal day, with the anvil on a big stump, They shut down for the day. When they opened up next morning the anvil was on the floor. What had happened was a chunk of hot steel fell on the stump and later caught fire. Fortunatly it was a block building and nothing else caught fire. after that I changed out to steel. I use a big "I" beam for this stand with a flat 1" thick top. My smaller one i made a angle iron stand. Just be carefull if you use wood!!


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wow must have been a pretty dry stump! iver herd of stranger things, also see a fellow that did not use his anvil for o maybe 4 or 5 months went out to it, took one large hammer blow and the wood stump just crumpled, terns out termites had a little fun with it while he was gone

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Something you can do to eliminate the possibility of this from happening is soak the wood in a solution of borax and water. you don't need to actually immerse the block, just keep pour the solution over it and let it soak in a number of times.

If termites are a problem a little termite dust under it will solve that problem as well.

I agree though, a sound piece of wood shouldn't burn, smolder a little maybe but not to the point it collapses.


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