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Howdy from Spokane, WA

Mike Perry

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Howdy everyone, I am new to the site and blacksmithing. I watched a program where a Smith made a hunting knife from a coil spring. It interested me so much I have to get involved. I have obtained a "BIG" old anvil. I have read several articles on making hammers and knifes. I am ready to make some sparks fly. My next step is to make a gas forge. Research has given me the data to design my first forge. I am however having difficulty in educating myself on "BURNERS". Can I get a little help in that area? Where to get educated on the subject and also where to get the burners. Any and all info would be greatly welcome. Thanks much. I am looking forward to making my first and many to follow knife.

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Welcome to the addiction Mike, glad to infect you.

I think we can help you with burners. How are you equipped shop wise, lathe? Drill press? Other stuff?

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll make it easier to remember where you are. Especially for us old farts who may want a snack or need a nap while traveling.


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