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kevin's 3 and 4 (bowie-like)

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Hello Everyone,

I am posting pictures f knives 3 and 4. The process of everything is getting faster, but as I learn more I see more that I don't like about what I am doing. So, I spend a lot of time trying to correct mistakes, some of which can't be fully "corrected."

The more I do, the more I see what I can't do... its kind of like when I started painting or doing psychotherapy (both are arts).

Except when I don't do therapy well, its other people who suffer, not me (people who have never tried it may not realize what an art this craft really can be).

both Admiral Steel 1095 (from 1"x1/4"x5ft flat bar) - I got 4 or 5 of these bars . I read somewhere that 1095 was good to start with - forgiving.
both edge-quenced in heated canola.
both triple normalized prior to quench
both convex grind

Big one:
11 inch blade
1.3 inches wide
3/16th thick at ricasso (if you can call this a ricasso)
1/8th at tip
tempered for 2 one-hour cycles at 400 deg F.

Handle- curly maple and leather spacers (some type of maple, anyway)
guard - aluminum
butt cap - coin mokume

This one had more of a drop point, and is designed to be "camp" type, with some chopping ability, and very sturdy. Light polish, with scratches left from sharpening after polish (I was playing with what the bevel would look like if scratches were left in). Temper line visible, but may not be in photo.

The mokume looks neat, you can see the concentric rings on where I beveled it.

Little one:
9 inch blade
1.1 inches wide
1/8 at ricasso (such as it is)
3/32 at tip
tempered 2 one-hour cycles at 380 deg F.

handle - ebony
fittings - aluminum

clip point, designed for piercing/slicing. Very gradual edge bevel, acute angle. vinegar ectched with light polish. Temper line visible, but may not be in photo.

I have a hard time with grinding ricasso and plunge cuts on my grinder. I tried files, and goofed that, too. I will have to work on this.

Any suggestions, ideas, or encouragement are welcomed.

Thanks for looking,






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Frustrating and exciting at the same time. Making mistakes and at the same time discovering new things about this process. Your a few steps ahead of me but I can relate, as the forging is becoming easier, and problems are resolving themselves, new unexpected problems arise. There is much more to this than I had imagined. The forging and heat treat are taking all my attention. Handles ,I haven't attempted yet.

You're taking on a lot at one time, and doing very well. The blade shape looks good and I've found the recasso area to be very difficult. You've got a couple of good looking blades and I can see you're progressing nicely on all fronts.
Keep up the good work and keep posting.

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