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hawk/hammer drifts

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4130,4140 and 5160 will make good hawk/hammer drifts. I hand hammer and do not use a press. I just normalize and not heat treat. I have few that have been used alot without problems. I even have made them out of mild steel and have used them quiet a bit.

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Due to the nature of use of drifts...in that they are sometimes in the material for a protracted period of time - I don't bother with any heat treatment as I will soon loose it.

I get - as Gerald states- very good access to used chrome/moly alloys of various types.

I am relying on its greater toughness (not hardness) over mild steel when I choose that material for my drifts.

I use chrome/moly drift in place when I spread the eye of my hammers under the power hammer (see YouTube video if you have high speed internet access - YouTube - Forging the general purpose leafing hammer)

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