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Second Session

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Well had my second session with Dale Russell today, what can I say, what a task master, stand like this (your shoulders are not that wide), use your shoulder not your elbow, let the hammer do the work, relax your to tense, stop fighting it, nahhh put it back in the fire, look at the colour, etc etc being a intructor myself for quite a few years in my own trade all I can say is what a champ, being a adult for quite a few years, all I ask is to be treated like one, and that he did, I know my mistakes and so did he, but he let me make them (and as much as he wanted to grab the hammer and show me (at times he did, you can only take so many mistakes) he taught me more in a day than I ever expected. To add to that I had my 10 yr old son with me (Dale's apprentice apprentice) and as much as our aussie language is colourful at the best of times he contained himsef looking at me stike his anvil and bit his tounge. Thanks heaps Dale if this is the calibre of men I am involving myself in then bring it on. A spades a spade, but if you've made it its even better. Cheers Bully

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Welcome Bully, although in some ways Dale Russell is "one of a kind", you will find most of the blacksmith community is like him, we all share ideas, and I have never gotten an "I won't show you how I did that" yet. I went to my corporate HQ for training, and was invited to Steve Sells for a BS session. That is one thing I do enjoy about our craft, is the helpfulness of all, at all levels of blacksmithing, and the unique approach each person brings.

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I was lucky to get the chance to do some travelling and I met a LOT of Blacksmiths, well over a hundred in fact. I actually worked with over 30 in their shops around the world. I've learned from 6th Generation Master Blacksmiths in Holland to Sammi Blacksmiths in Sweden. I've been to some of the best Colleges in Europe dedicated to Smithing and briefly assisted some of the living (and sadly now passed away) Legends. I was incredibly lucky.

I enjoyed every second of it ALL but I tell no lie when I say I gained the most enjoyment from my time in Australia. There's this bloke in Wesburn, dry as a bone, sharp as a knife, who has an incredible talent for making you THINK about things. He's as keen to figure things out as you are so you never feel like your being lectured, and he's a lot better than he thinks he is, or is willing to let on (I say this with MY experience of Blacksmiths). He's an all round top sort and one of two hidden gems in Oz.

Stick with that bloke and he'll take you far Bully, a lot farther than you think and he'll admit.

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Bully ,
Mate , 2 lessons & u've come " far " & i hope youse go ever further .

LOL , wait till i start YELLING at you " GET IT HOTTER " ( u'll ave ta ask Ian about that :) )

Tag team apprentices ( Father & Son ) Strewth ! What ave i let meself in for ? ... :)

Bloke , you didn't seen me CRINGE when you hit the anvil ,, no matter , i hit it too , it happens .

And YES i'm gonna jump in from time ta time & take the hammer off you , as Ned Kelly said just before they hanged him " Such is life "

Mate , i show you exactly ow i's expect ta be shown things , i came outta nappy's too many yrs ago ta remember .

Bully ... Remember " X " marks the spot

unkle spike ( aka ) Jeff , thankfully theres only " 1 " of " Me " not sure the world could handle 2 or more ....:)

Ian , is there another smith in Wesburn you didn't tell me about ??? Where does he live soin' i's can go visit , maybe he could teach me a thing or 2 about smithin' :)
Ian , you pushed me further along in smithing then you realy think you know . THANKS , i miss our sessions out in shop

Dale Russell

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