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forge welding chat jan 30,09

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compiled from the Friday knife chat Jan 30-09

[nts] I plan on making a timing belt, forge welded knife, do i need to weld the layers together or could i just tack them until i get to forge weld them
[steve sells] up to you
[nts] i've seen it both ways
[mcraigl] bailing wire would probably work too nts.
[N8 Knives] i use bailing wire to hold it together for the first welding, i don't have an arch welder
[steve sells] with chain do not try to close it up all at once with a hammer, as the links tend to want to POP lose next to the hammered area
[Rich Hale] Nts that is not a beginners welding project too much room for bad weld
[steve sells] I have never welded, but that my training too
[nts] i'm not doing it right away i'm just asking while it's fresh in my head
[steve sells] try 1/4 thick bars thinner is harder and small sections like chain the worst
[nts] so like 6 layers of 1/4" welded together?
[markb] Good to know , haven't welded yet
[N8 Knives] i have a mechanic saving me a timing chain, i let you know how it goes, my bicycle and chainsaw experiments have worked well so far
[nts] yeah my dads a mechanic, that's why i'm asking
[N8 Knives] be careful with timing chain, some ive seen have chrome roller and chrome wont weld
[nts] yeah, art warned me
[steve sells] most of my layers are an odd number, using 2 different metals. I want the lowest alloy inside the billet to reduce scaling, like 2 layers of 203e and 3 layers of 1080.
[nts] ok guys, i gotta go, i'll talk to you all later
[bryan] ...Forge welding is often a black(smith) art!!! ;)
[steve sells] pattern welding should come after learning the basics of knife making, as thats hard to get patterns then lose it because of not having the other skills yet
[N8 Knives] can i use mild steel theysell at home depot for damascus
[steve sells] use what ya want, but for a blade it stinks for bolsters its fine but it will not harden, why would ya want to use it ?
[N8 Knives] what if it is a san mai type of blade
[steve sells] that depends too, even san mai must use compatible metals or they putt apart in the heat treat

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I would thin out the 1084 first. But its ok as you suggested, to double up the 15N20 also.

As to layer count its personal preference, and the pattern you are trying to get. While I personally like higher layer counts of 400 to 600, the lower count blades of 70 to 100 layers, seem to sell first.

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