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Just my .02
Since I discovered this site something like two years ago now I have seen it change alot and that has always been for the better.

I have learned an awful lot here about smithing and a thing or two on other stuff as well. I have met quite a few genuinely nice folks here and am better for it, without IFI our paths never would have crossed. Thank you all.

Sure, there are a few BP's I'd like to see again and perhaps submit one or two of my own to share and I trust that will be in due time so no biggie.

The chat has always been a great place to go and as with other changes in the past I trust the teething will work its way through and will be for the better once the speedbumps are past.

Remember those times logging on only to see everything was different and maybe for a sec you thought you were on the wrong site? But it was always for the better wasn't it?

My hat is off to the admin here, Glenn, Andrew and everyone else who pulls the levers, rings the bells and toots the whistles behind the scenes to keep it all up and running for us all to enjoy FOR FREE so I don't mind a few speed bumps and glitches now and then because it always leads to better things.
I'll shut up now. Dan :)

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I'm not yet a year old here on IFI, but this is home. I am guessing I have missed some of the bigger bumps in the road but I am in full confidence in the resolve that Glenn has for this site and the community that has developed around it. I have personally spoken with Glenn by phone and can tell anyone who hasn't that this man has a passion for this sight and wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm it or the folks who frequent it.

Dan well said, I'm looking forward to the future here on IFI...


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I totally agree with Dan! This is probably THE premier Blacksmithing site on the web! That goes without saying if you recognize the fact that there are 50+? countries represented here. As for the administration I don't think there are two more dedicated people than Glenn and Andrew as the main admins., but also all those who are willing to share their time and knowledge with everyone else. There is nothing better than a Family based community. Hats off to all!


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Thanks for bringing this up Dan

In the late seventies I became interested in forging, knife making. Bought the books, found the tools, joined Abana, went to knife shows , met Jim Hrisoulas and got an autographed copy of "The Complete Bladesmith" (I don't suppose that 1987 price list is still good is it Jim? LOL) but just didn't connect with anyone. Things got pushed aside, but my interest was always there, then about a year ago I stumbled onto this site and as a result mikehr contacted me and invited me to his shop where I've had some personal instruction and real world experience.
Although I haven't personally met most of the people that frequent the board I feel I know many of you.

In short the family- community here got me back into the shop and I'm actually doing and learning my long time interest.

THANKS Glenn, Andrew for making this site possible.

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