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Hardening Rebar Steel?

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Hello, all,

I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post my question, but it looked like the best choice so here goes:

I want to make a 5.7mm spoke wrench for my motorcycle. I originally made one out of some 7/64" mild steel with a cutoff wheel and a file but I would like to use something thicker so that there would be less chance of "digging in" to the aluminum spoke heads.

I don't have any steel lying around that's thick enough, so I was wondering about using a piece of rebar and then heating/quenching and tempering it in the oven.

Does anyone know whether the steel used in rebar will harden well enough for this application?



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At best it's a crap shoot. Some rebar has enough C to harden but without testing there's no telling.

How about hitting the local pawn shop, 2nd hand store, flea market, etc. and finding yourself an old end wrench of suitable size and making it from that?


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