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I Forge Iron

Morning all.


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Joining from the east coast of Australia, nice coastal town north of Sydney called Newcastle. Been lurking for 2 years now and have slowly been building momentum and a shed to house such...

Small stuff for friends so far, lighting gear, corkscrews, roses... limited by the throat of the gas forge. Mark Aspery's book has been an excellent resource along with this site.

Shall endeavour to be more active now I have joined...

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Welcome to our merry band Monster, glad to have ya.

I made my first gas forge with openings way too small for general forging. I actually built it for a friend who had cancer and couldn't work anymore but wanted to keep busy. He wanted to make knives and didn't need large openings. Unfortunately by time I had everything together for him he was too ill to do much of anything so I kept it.

I lived with it for a number of years before building myself a more versatile forge and really wish I'd done so earlier. A gas forge isn't difficult to build and if what you're using now isn't working well for you move on to the next one. You can always sell this one or give it to someone getting started.

If you want to design a new one just speak up, some of us have done it a few times and can help.


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