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I Forge Iron

N_T_S_01's first forge, any thoughts?

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Alright so this is my forge that me and a friend built last weekend just to mess around with forging. it's a brake rotor attached to black iron piping with an old air hockey table fan as an air source. we just set it up on some scalloped flower bed edgers to give it a pretty look and make it easier on the back. we set up soft fire bricks around the outside to contain more heat in a small area. i plan on moving it away from where it is because it has solid objects on each side which makes hammering REALLY LOUD! I will be changing the rotor to a drum and the fan to a hand crank blower if i can find one. Any suggestions to improve it?



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I'd lose the thing bridging over the top and make enough opening in back to pass long stock through while heating the middle.

Seems you've figured out how to load pics already. So much for being excused for being new to this. :rolleyes:


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yeah i'm just gonna leave one layer of bricks to make my fire pot deeper.

As for uploading, i'm a 16-year-old, i can figure most stuff out just poking around. =).

I will be making changes tomorrow and hopefully get a picture with it fired up.

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