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Portable Keroseen Heater Flame

Ron Hicks

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I just bought a Dyna - Glo portable keroseen heater and wondering about the flame color
Ive run my first full tank of keroseen through it and dry buring the wick now.

I think I should need a blue flame the best I could adjust it was about 1/2 of flame blue with yellow tips . If I lowered it any lower it would turn orange.

The manual says to keep it at 1/2 in flame hight at top of of burner.
If I crank it down to the 1/2 in. its a dirty orange - to get into the blue flame I would say the flame is closer to 1 inch hight.

Im using new, clean, no water - K1 keroseen

Any Ideas?
Thanks Ron

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Mine also burns a bright orange yellow flame. I just put a new wick in it, and it took a while to get soaked and quit smoking. It is pretty cost effective for me, heats my shop to 70 on high in about 20 minutes, then I start the forge. Burns less than a gallon on the average Saturday.

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