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Steel vs Cast Iron, Can you help?


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This probably a really stupid question to ask in a forum like this, but I need some advice to make a decision. I am a race car driver and do all my own wrenching. I need new rear brake calipers and my choice is between Cast Iron or Steel. Which one should I get? How do I tell the difference OR do I need to be concerned about any difference. The cost is marginal between the two, so that is not an issue.

Thanks for any input.

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Cast iron would handle heat a little better but would be prone to cracking under great loads. Steel would flex more and handle stress better at the cost of possibly softer braking (flex) under hi loads.

That said, properly designed for the application, the point should be moot. Weight would be the first thought for racing, assuming safety was equivalent. Steel may prove to be lighter, as cast iron parts usually rely on mass for strength. I would have thought there would be an aluminum caliper for this application.

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