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Micro Nessmuk blacksmith knife


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For your consideration and comments. A very small "blacksmith" knife with Nessmuk style (sort of!) blade. I forged this from a 16d square-cut concrete nail. Normalized X 2, tempered to bronze. I made the pocket sheath from some leather scraps I had. I may make up a few of these for Christmas...whattaya think?


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I'm not sure about the steel. I posted a question a couple of weeks ago and someone responded that they had a box of concrete nails that stated 1095 on the box. Mine are from Lowes and made in China, so??? However, when I hardened in oil at ambient temp (about 40 degrees) I could not cut with a file. Wnen I tempered the edge to bronze, I could cut with a file, but I seemed "hard". It sharpened pretty easy and I have been using it at work this am to open boxes, etc. It *seems* to be holding a decent edge, so, although small it seems the nails will make a real knife.

The steel works easily and is forgiving (what do I know...only been smithing about 18 months). All in all, I am pleased with the results and plan to make a few more. I know a few guys that may like one for Christmas. Also, I have thought about...neck knife...patch knife...partial tang fixed blade...friction folder...and would make a good key fob minus sharp edge...:rolleyes:

Sorry for the less than spectaculary photos...this is my first attempt at posting pictures and I am trying to figure out sizes. Thanks for the kind words and please forgive the long post.

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