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Skid Strap Solution


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What does steel skid strap and Christmas have in common? I don't think they have anything in common UNLESS your trying to decorate a..... Caboose....

Our cub scout pack volunteered to decorate a caboose that was given to the city in honor of the towns 150th anniversary. So as Cub Master I got the joy of "master minding" the project. It started out just to outline the caboose in lights, but then I made the mistake of stating that I thought it would be cool to use some motion lights to make it look like the wheels was turning. Another leader spoke up and said she would buy the lights. Have you ever tried to put Christmas lights on a huge round chunk of steel standing on end? That is where the skid strap comes in, made these dandy clips to hold the lights to the outer rim of the wheels... I'll post pictures of the finished project in a couple days...



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Well, it is in Jasonville, just down the road from Shakamak State Park.

We have hit a bit of a snag for the lights though... they are building a new Casey's gas station and in the process they had to cut the power to the ball park where the caboose is at. Duke energy is dragging their feet and doesn't have the meters back in at the ball park. Soooo I'm hunting for a generator for Saturday the 6th, that is when they will have their lighted parade and the Indiana Rail Roads Santa Train

So I'll get pix if we get to light it up...


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