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Skinner from old file


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Here's a skinner i'm working on made from an old nicholson file. I was able to take some time off during the the tk holiday so i spent extra time at the forge... This one was also fully hammered to shape but I forgot to get a picture of the rough forging before I took it to the grinder :-( Oh well, I shouldnt have left it sitting next to the grinder I guess. It has a cool hamon going on from being heated only along the edge during hardening. More pics after more polishing.

DSC_7078.jpg DSC_7079.jpg

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Did some more work on this blade in the last few days. Got the scales cut for the handles, including some stainless pieces and holes drilled. The scales are maple burl.

I also did some more polishing and got the hamon showing more. I'm really happy with this hamon, it's the most beautiful i've made so far. I'm going to polish it some more and try to etch it out a little too. I was able to get it at just the right angle and snap a good picture of it.

DSC_7150.JPG DSC_7145_close.jpg

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Here it is. This is the 2nd knife that i've put a handle on (not counting the leaf blade which doesnt have a handle of course...)

I etched the hamon out a little with lemon juice and flitz polish, it's now easily visible on the side of the blade in plain daylight.

I got a few more knife's in the works but i'm really itching to get back to playing around with the japanese style ones...

DSC_7243.jpg DSC_7244.jpg DSC_7245.jpg DSC_7247.jpg

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