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Hello Folks
I am new to this, computers and smithing! I am an Englishman living in Virginia USA. I am a profesional woodworker, who worked for a chain and anchor maker in the UK called Brown Lennox, as a patern maker. I got to strike for some prety good "old hand" profesional smiths every now and then, but my hammer time is limited. I started forge work because finding good soft nails (for clinch nailing) was tough, and good authentic hardware is always 10 days away. I would like to find some smiths in the northern Neck area who don't mind a newbie looking over their shoulder. I did an awful lot of large babbit work at BL, including flame hardening, so if there is anyone metaling bearings and needs a hand, I have rosebud and will travel. I would also like to hear from anyone who knows how to make tools like woodworking gouges and the like, these are hard to find these days, and I use them daily for coping window joints etc.
It's not over... until we win...

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Now ain't it a wonder that you came all the way from the UK to settle here in the USA in a place called King George! :) How ironic. Anyway, glad you're here. Kick you shoes off, grab a brew and something to eat and while you're at it you better tell someone where you are, you'll be here a while. If ya got questions ask away, with newbie's we can tell ya anything, right? Seriously, ask the questions, there's a bunch of knowledgeable folks here and all willing to help. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome aboard Paul.

Love the sign off. I agree 100%.

You've come to the right place, lots of smiths in Va, lots of blacksmiths started out as wood workers who just wanted to make that right gouge, plane iron, hardware, etc. You're in good company.


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